Committee on Enrolment and Student Affairs


MEMBERSHIP (2023-2024)

Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning), Chair, ex officio Professor Fabrice Labeau
Associate Provost (Graduate Education), and Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (or delegate), ex officio Professor Russell Steele (delegate)
Dean of Students, ex officio Professor Robin Beech
Three delegates of Deans from among the large faculties Professor Manuel Balán (Political Science, ARTS) - 2026
Professor Beth-Ann Cummings (Health Professions Education, FMHS) - 2026
One delegate of a Dean from among the small faculties Professor Tina Piper (LAW) - 2025
One representative of Senate from the administrative and support staff Ms. Nellie Voudouris (Faculty Adviser, ARTS) - 2025
Three representatives of Senate from among the academic staff Professor Melissa Vollrath (Physiology, FMHS) - 2024
Professor Tamara Western (Biology, SCIENCE) - 2025
Professor David Titley-Peloquin (Bioresource Engineering, AES) - 2026
One representative of the McGill Alumni Association: Ms. Susan Czarnocki - 2025
Two Undergraduate Students Muhammad Saif Qureshi (Engineering)
Alana Cabezas (Arts)
One Graduate Student TBD
One Macdonald Campus Student Defne Helvacioglu
Committee Secretary Ms. Natalie Phillips-Elgar

Terms of Reference

The Committee on Enrolment and Student Affairs (“the Committee”) is a Standing Committee of Senate charged with oversight to enrolment and student affairs matters.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

1. The Committee shall review and recommend to Senate:

  1. policies as they affect course timetabling, student records, and student affairs in general;
  2. principles regarding sessional dates and specific sessional dates for all faculties and for the Centre for Continuing Education, including the beginning and end of the session, holidays, and examinations.

2. The Committee shall review and recommend to Senate, where appropriate in collaboration with the faculties and Academic Policy Committee:

  1. policies related to academic integrity;
  2. policies related to student advising and orientation.

3. The Committee shall review and approve in the name of Senate:

  1. new awards and changes in the conditions of existing awards made by the University to its students; awards include scholarships, fellowships, prizes, medals, bursaries, loans, and the work-study program;
  2. the admissions standards and policies of the University.

4. The Committee shall report annually to Senate about:

  1. policy recommendations;
  2. actions taken in the name of Senate;
  3. awards and financial aid provided to McGill students.

5. The Committee shall strike a subcommittee with the Dean of Students as Chair that would make recommendations regarding procedures for review of admissions decisions and, as needed, review the application of such procedures in individual cases. The subcommittee shall report annually to the Committee.

6. The Committee shall meet at least three times during the academic year.


Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning), Chair
Associate Provost (Graduate Studies) or delegate
The Dean of Students or delegate
Three delegates of Deans from among the large faculties
One delegate of a Dean from among the small faculties
One representative of Senate from the administrative and support staff, on the recommendation of Senate Nominating Committee
Three representatives of Senate from the academic staff on the recommendation of Senate Nominating Committee
One representative named by the Alumni Association
Two undergraduate students
One graduate student
One student representative of Macdonald Campus

Source: Senate Minute IIB4.2, May 20, 2009

Resource Persons

Individuals identified by the Committee for specific agenda items, possibly including, but not limited to the following:

The University Registrar and Executive Director of Enrolment Services
The Director of Admissions
The Executive Director of Services for Students
The Executive Director of Residences and Student Housing
The Director of the Scholarship and Student Aid Office
The Manager, Scholarships Office
A staff member from University Advancement (UA) as designated by the Vice-Principal (UA)
Assistant from the Office of the Deputy Provost, secretary

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