University Tenure Committee for Recruitment

Extract from the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff

Appointments with Tenure

7.32 A person holding an academic appointment at another university or scholarly institution may be appointed as Associate Professor or Professor with tenure if so approved by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of the Principal. A recommendation for appointment with Tenure shall originate from the relevant Departmental Chair(s) and Dean(s), following a recommendation from an appropriate committee.

7.32.1 The University Tenure Committee for Recruitment (hereafter “UTCR”) shall be a committee of Senate, chaired by the Provost, and shall consist of one tenured member from each faculty of the University, appointed by Senate for a period of three years. Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff

7.32.2 Quorum for the UTCR shall be three members in addition to the chair, and shall include one member from each of the faculties in which the candidate would hold appointment.


Chair of the UTCR - Professor Christopher Manfredi
Secretary: TBD

(3-year terms commencing September 1)

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Professor Hosahalli Ramaswamy (Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry) – 2019
Professor Michael Ngadi (Bioresource Engineering) [alternate] – 2019

Faculty of Arts

Brian Lewis (History and Classical Studies) - 2020
Professor Jonathan Sterne (Art History and Communications Studies) [alternate] – 2019

Faculty of Dentistry

Professor Ji Zhang - 2020
Professor Svetlana Komarova [alternate] – 2019

Faculty of Education

Professor Ross Andersen (Kinesiology and Physical Education) - 2020
Professor Jacob Burak (Educational and Counselling Psychology) [alternate] – 2019

Faculty of Engineering

Professor David Lowther (Electrical and Computer Engineering) - 2020
Professor Nathalie Tufenkji (Chemical Engineering) [alternate] - 2020

Faculty of Law

Professor Catherine Walsh – 2019
Professor Fabien Gelinas [alternate] – 2019

Faculty of Management

Professor Saku Mantere – 2019
Professor Brian Rubineau [alternate] - 2020

Faculty of Medicine

Professor Jeannie Haggerty (Family Medicine) - 2020
Professor Steve Backman [alternate] - 2020

Faculty of Music

Professor William Caplin (Music Research) – 2021
Professor Philippe Depalle (Music Research) [alternate] - 2020

Faculty of Science

Professor Bärbel Knäuper (Psychology) – 2019
Professor Paul Wiseman (Chemistry and Physics) [alternate] – 2019

University Libraries

Ms. Carole Urbain (Director, Academic Affairs) – 2021
Mr. Joseph Hafner (Redpath Library) [alternate] – 2019