Committee on Student Grievances


MEMBERSHIP (2023-2024)

Chair Anna Dysert (Cataloguing Librarian, Collection Services, LIBRARIES) - 2024

Four members of the Academic Staff

Professor Jake Burack (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION) – 2024
Professor Jasmin Kaur Chahal (Microbiology and Immunology, FMHS) - 2025
Professor Marta Kobiela (Integrated Studies in Education, EDUCATION) - 2026
Professor Grace Marquis (School of Human Nutrition, AES) - 2026
One Legal Assessor Professor Jeff Kennedy (LAW) - 2026
Two Undergraduate Students Vivian Wright (Arts)
Mustafa Fakih (FMHS)
Two Graduate Students Zaneta Ivy D'souza (Dental Science)
Secretary Ms. Catherine Charlton

Extract from the Code of Student Grievance Procedures:

1.1 The Senate Committee on Student Grievances (hereafter the Committee) shall consist of nine voting members, being four academic staff and four students (two graduate and two undergraduate), plus a Chair, none of whom need be members of Senate. A legal assessor who shall act as a non-voting member of the Committee shall be nominated by Senate. Staff members shall serve staggered three-year, renewable terms, and the student members shall serve one-year terms, renewable twice. As far as possible the members shall be drawn from different faculties. The Senate shall designate one member as Chair. The term of office for both staff and student members shall begin on the first day of September. Committee members shall stay on past the end of their terms in order to complete a case where a hearing has begun or proceeded before then.

2.1 Any student has a right to lodge a grievance resulting from an act or a failure to act by a member of the University occupying a position of authority vis-à-vis the student in a University-related matter.

2.2 Any student who believes that a right accorded to him or to her under the Charter of Students' Rights has been infringed by a member of the University may apply to the Committee for appropriate redress.

Source: Senate Minute 20, October 23, 1985
Amendment: Senate Minute 112, May 1, 1996
Senate Minute 11, March 13, 2002

[Please refer to the "Code of Student Grievance Procedures" for further details.]

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