Panel for the Investigation of Research Misconduct

Extract from the Regulations Concerning the Investigation of Research Misconduct 


6.1 There shall be a Committee on Research Misconduct (the “Committee”) for the investigation of allegations of Research Misconduct referred to it by the RIO.

The Committee shall consist of three (3) members, all appointed by the RIO:

(i) two (2) members with relevant knowledge and expertise appointed from a panel of between ten (10) and twelve (12) established in accordance with the procedures set out in section 6.8. 

(ii) one (1) external member who has no current affiliation with the University. In the event that none of the members appointed pursuant to paragraph (i) have expertise specific to the relevant topic of research, the external member shall be an expert on such topic.

6.2 In the event that a Complainant or Respondent is a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, the Committee shall be comprised of four (4) members, with the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, or delegate, serving as a fourth (4th) member.

6.3 In the event of the recusal of a member of the Committee, the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the above provisions.

6.4 The RIO shall select a chair from amongst the Committee members.


6.8 There shall be a panel of between ten (10) and twelve (12) members of the academic staff of acknowledged standing and expertise, half of whom shall be bilingual (French/English), appointed to staggered terms of office of four (4) years commencing on September 1st, as follows:

(i) Prior to March 1st of each year, the Secretary-General shall request from the President of the McGill Association of University Teachers (M.A.U.T.) and the Principal a slate of names, consisting of at least twice the number of vacancies on the panel to be filled that year.

(ii) The slate of recommended names shall be submitted by the President of M.A.U.T. and the Principal to the Secretary-General for consideration by the Senate Nominating Committee. From this slate, the Senate Nominating Committee shall select the persons to recommend to Senate to fill the vacancies. Reasonable efforts shall be made to give due consideration to representation from different disciplines.

The panel shall be composed of a diverse group of members reflective of the diversity of the University Community.

Panel - 2022-2023 Membership

Ten to twelve members of the Academic Staff (half Bilingual):

  • Jacqueline Bede (Plant Science, AES) – 2023
  • Terry Hébert (Pharmacology and Therapeutics, MEDICINE) – BILINGUAL 2023
  • Debra Titone (Psychology, SCIENCE) – 2023
  • Michael Hendricks (Biology, SCIENCE) – 2023
  • Elsa Vasseur (Animal Science, AES) – BILINGUAL 2025
  • Claudia Mitchell (DISE, EDUCATION) – 2025
  • John Hanrahan (Physiology, MEDICINE) – BILINGUAL 2025
  • Rebecca Fuhrer (Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, MEDICINE) – BILINGUAL 2025
  • Isabelle Cossette (Music Research, MUSIC) – BILINGUAL 2025
  • Michael Ngadi (Bioresource Engineering, AES) - 2026
  • Scott Bohle (Chemistry, SCIENCE) - 2026
  • Yann Joly (Genomics, MEDICINE) - BILINGUAL 2026
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