Committee on Staff Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures


MEMBERSHIP (2023-2024)

Eight members of the tenured full-time academic staff

Professor Rob Wisnovsky (Institute of Islamic Studies, ARTS) - 2024
Professor Warren Gross (Electrical & Computer Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2024
Professor Daniel Béland (Political Science, ARTS) - 2025 (Chair)
Professor Lisa Münter (Pharmacology and Therapeutics, FMHS) - 2025
Professor Michael Ngadi (Bioresource Engineering, AES) - 2025
Svetlana Kochkina (Lending and Access Services, LIBRARIES) - 2025 (Vice-Chair)
Professor Daryl Haggard (Physics, SCIENCE) - 2026
Secretary Ms. Catherine Charlton


5.1 There shall be a Committee on Staff Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures (“Committee”) to hold hearings on Grievances and disciplinary measures. Said Committee shall consist of 8 members with a term of 3 years commencing on the 1st of September. Appointed members may remain in their role beyond their term if there is an insufficient number of new Committee members to replace them.

5.2 To be eligible to serve as a member of the Committee, a Staff Member shall be a tenured member of the full-time academic staff who is available to serve for the full term of the appointment.

5.3 Prior to March 1st each year, the Secretary-General shall request from the President of MAUT and the President a slate of names consisting of at least one and a half times the number of vacancies on the Committee to be filled that year.

5.4 The President of MAUT and the President shall submit the slate of recommended names to the Secretary-General for consideration by the Senate Nominating Committee. From this slate, the Senate Nominating Committee shall select the persons to recommend to Senate to fill the vacancies. Reasonable efforts shall be made to achieve gender representation as well as representation from a diverse range of Faculties and disciplines when recommending and appointing members to the Committee. At least 3 members of the Committee shall be fluent in French.

5.5 The Senate Nominating Committee shall select the persons to serve as Chair and Vice-Chair, each for a three-year term, from nominated or serving members of the Committee.

5.6 The nominees to the Committee thus selected shall be submitted to Senate and Board of Governors for approval. In the event of rejection of the panel in whole or in part by Senate or the Board of Governors, the procedure set out in in Sections 5.3 to 5.5 shall recommence.

5.7 Members of the Committee shall, prior to hearing their first case, undergo relevant training.

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