Committee on Student Discipline

Extract from the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures:

22 Committee on Student Discipline (CSD)

(a) The members of the CSD shall be appointed by Senate for staggered renewable three-year terms, with the exception of student members who shall be appointed on a one-year basis, renewable twice. All terms shall be effective 1 September. Membership shall consist of:

(i) a Chair, selected from the academic staff;
(ii) two or more Vice-Chairs, selected from the academic staff;
(iii) eight other members of the academic staff;
(iv) twelve students approved by Senate, five selected by the Students’ Society of McGill University, three by the Post-Graduate Students’ Society, two by the McGill Association of Continuing Education Students, and two by the Macdonald Campus Students’ Society;
(v) three or more Legal Assessors;*
(vi) the Dean and Associate Dean of Students.

(b) Members of the CSD will attend training and information sessions at least once per academic year; the Office of the Dean of Students will coordinate such programming.

*“Legal Assessor” means a member of the staff of the University who holds a law degree, appointed by Senate, whose role is to advise the CSD or the Appeal Committee as to the conduct of proceedings (as per article 1(l) of the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures)

[Please refer to the "Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures" for further details.]

Membership (2021-22)

The Dean of Students (Professor Robin Beech)
The Associate Dean of Students (Mr. Glenn Zabowski)

Chair: Professor Richard Leask (Chemical Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2024
Vice-Chair #1: Professor Lisa Starr (Integrated Studies in Education, EDUCATION) – 2023
Vice-Chair #2: Professor Lara Khoury (LAW) - 2024

Eight members of the academic staff:
   Professor Elsbeth Heaman (History and Classical Studies, ARTS) – 2022
   Professor Michael Hoover (Educational and Counselling Psychology, EDUCATION) – 2022
   Professor James Martin (Medicine, MEDICINE) – 2022
   Professor Tamara Western (Biology, SCIENCE) – 2022
   Professor Vrinda Narain (LAW) – 2023
   Ms. Kathy Roulet (School of Environment, AES) – 2024
   Professor Brian Robinson (Geography, SCIENCE) – 2024
   Professor James Engert (Medicine, MEDICINE) – 2024

Three or more legal assessors:
   Professor Ram Jakhu - 2022
   Mr. Miroslaw Sadowski - 2023
   Ms. Salima Djerroud - 2023

Five SSMU representatives:

Three PGSS representatives:

Two MCSS representatives:
   Anais Pierre-Estime
   Jacques Gross

Two MACES representatives:
   Dahlia Dias
   Roubina Karaminassian

Secretary: Mr. Glenn Zabowski

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