University Appeals Committee


MEMBERSHIP (2023-2024)

Ten members of the Academic Staff

Professor Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (Sociology, ARTS / Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, FMHS) - 2024
Professor Marta Cerruti (Materials Engineering, ENGINEERING/ Associate Member of the Faculty of DMOHS and the Department of Bioengineering) - 2024
Professor Robert Hasegawa (Music Research, MUSIC) - 2024
Professor Jason Opal (History and Classical Studies, ARTS) - 2025
Professor Sonia Laszlo (Economics, ARTS) - 2026
Professor Peter Grütter (Physics, SCIENCE) - 2026
Professor Marc Pell (Microbiology and Immunology, FMHS) - 2026
Professor Timothy Kennedy (Anatomy and Cell Biology; Neurology and Neurosurgery, FMHS) - 2026
Professor Stéphane Laporte (Endocrinology/Experimental Medicine, FMHS) - 2026
Professor Steven Jordan (Integrated Studies in Education, EDUCATION) - 2026
Secretary Lucy Brown

Extract from the Regulations on Appeals of Tenure Decisions:

7.1 There shall be an Appeals Committee for hearing appeals of the final decision of the President against recommending a grant of tenure.

7.2 The Appeals Committee shall consist of ten (10) members of the academic staff, appointed to staggered terms of office of three (3) years, commencing on September 1st.

7.3 The appointments shall be approved by Senate and the Board of Governors, following the nominating process set out below.

7.4 Prior to the March 1st of each year, the Secretary-General shall request from the President of the McGill Association of University Teachers (M.A.U.T.) and the President a slate of names consisting of at least twice the number of vacancies on the Appeals Committee to be filled that year.

7.5 The slate of recommended names shall be submitted by the President of M.A.U.T. and the President to the Secretary-General for consideration by the Senate Nominating Committee. From this slate, the Senate Nominating Committee shall select the persons to recommend to Senate to fill the vacancies. Reasonable efforts shall be made to give due consideration to gender representation as well as representation from different faculties when appointing members to the Appeals Committee.

7.6 To be eligible to serve, the staff member shall be a tenured member of the full-time academic staff who is on active employment with the University, and available to serve for the full term of the appointment.

7.7 The Appeals Committee shall select a Chair and Vice Chair annually from amongst the serving members.

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