Working with the Office of Sponsored Research

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) promotes the advancement of research at McGill by supporting the community through all stages of the research administration process. The OSR team assists McGill researchers in securing and managing their research funding from granting agencies, foundations, governments, and other not-for-profit sponsors through regular outreach, advice and resources for application development, agreement negotiation, award implementation, and coordination with sponsors and research partners.

Contact OSR for more information on the services and support available to McGill researchers, and to discuss your research plans.


Proposal Development and Submission


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Research Funding

OSR provides information on funding opportunities through the R+I Funding Opportunities Database and its Research Funding Alerts


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Proposal Development

OSR organizes workshops and events on funding opportunities, and OSR Officer provide feedback and strategic advice on proposals


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Proposal Approval/ Signature

OSR ensures compliance with important internal requirements for institutional approval and signature before submission


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Proposal Submission

OSR advises on sponsor requirements and submission procedures and often submits proposals on behalf of McGill by the program deadline


Award Approval and Management


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Agreement Negotiation

OSR reviews and negotiates research-related contracts and agreements with granting agencies, foundations, governments, and other not-for-profit sponsors

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Fund Authorization

OSR communicates award parameters to successful applicants, and ensures all requirements are met before approving the creation of a research Fund

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Sub-Grant Agreements

OSR negotiates and implements sub-agreements when required to receive funding from partners, or to transfer funds to partner institutions

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Monitoring and Compliance

OSR monitors changes to researcher status/continuing eligibility, award parameters, and ethics certification for the duration of your research funding


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