Opening a Fund

Upon receiving a Notice of Award (NOA), an agreement or contract from a funding source, the following will be required to approve the opening of a research fund:

  1. A complete copy of the proposal, including all required appendices and CVs, applicable to grants.
  2. A completed Research Funding Checklist attached to every application submitted to the OSR, including all other research grants, agreements, sub-grants, etc. Please note that if a Checklist is not submitted with the application, all certificates will automatically be coded as Pending.
  3. The Notice of Award from the funding source, applicable to grants.
  4. The sponsor's written terms and conditions.
  5. The research agreement is duly signed by an authorized Officer in the OSR, if applicable, and other related correspondence.
  6. Any required certificates, i.e. for human subjects, animals, biohazards, etc. The lack of these certificates is the most common cause for delay in fund openings; to avoid unnecessary delays, please submit certificates with the Research Funding Checklist at the time of submission. For further information, visit the Ethics and Compliance section of the website.

Once all requirements are met, the OSR can proceed with opening a research fund for the project with McGill's Financial Services' Research Financial Management Services unit.

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