Submitting an Application

Once you have identified a potential funding source, follow the steps below to ensure on-time submission. At any point, please contact the appropriate OSR officer in case of any questions.

  1. Determine both the sponsor application deadline AND the McGill Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)'s internal deadline.

If you are unsure, verify the specific program deadlines in the Research and Innovation (R+I) Funding Opportunities Database (McGill sign-in required) or, if the program is not listed, info.osr [at] (contact OSR).

  1. Consult the agency website and read any guidelines or program descriptions provided.

These guidelines are normally updated every year.

  1. Double-check to see if one of the following is required:
    - Letter of Intent (LOI) or
    - Pre-proposal or
    - Online registration deadline requirement.
  2. If applicable, use any online forms or templates provided.
  3. Complete and sign the OSR Checklist. If your project involves university cash or in-kind commitments, please complete and sign the OSR Table of Commitments.
  4. Check required ethics and regulatory documents. Please see the Ethics and Compliance section of the website.
  5. Have your application reviewed and signed. Please see the Getting Signatures page for details.
  6. Submit your application (e-submission, email, regular mail).
    Most granting agencies receive applications by email or through an online submission process. In many cases, an OSR Officer must submit an application on your behalf. If you need help or have questions about how to submit electronically, contact the OSR Officer responsible for the program.
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