ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2010

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Student Reports:

A Fire Regime Model of Panama

Student: Joshua Nobleman

An Environmental and Social Study of Saboga Island in the Face of Development and Tourism

Students: Bianca Maritz and Sophine Johnsson

Evaluating the constraints, opportunities and challenges to the adoption of a reforestationbased carbon sequestration project as a means of conservation and economic development in an indigenous community of eastern Panama.

Students: Philippe Brunet and Étienne Lafortune

Creating Interpretive Material to Contribute to Environmental Education

Students: Nicolas Fortin St-Gelais and Jody Grundman

Design and Conceptualization of a Butterfly House at the Parque National Metropolitano

Students: Lucia Abellán and Tatiana Orozco

Forest Recovery after Selective Logging in the Ipetí-Emberá Community

Students: Adrian Burrill and Stephanie Garbe

Geophagy in Panama

Report: Geophagy in Panama [.pdf]

Students: Kate Bodkin and Lachlan Crawford

Reconstructing the Historical Memory of the Mesas de Concertación

Students: Megan Smeaton and Jessie Rivera-Fagan

Secondary Evaluation of Shark Fisheries in the Pacific Coast of Panama

Students: Chloe Nadeau-Perrier and Ivan Skafar

The Basis for the Establishment of a Coastal Marine Park Surrounding Isla Galeta

Students: Sarah Pease and Anna Swick-Coryell

The Effects of Water Temperature on Reproduction in Calyptraeid Gastropods

Students: Rowshyra A. Castañeda and Maura N.K. Forrest

In the "Heart" of the Comarca: Understanding the Environmental and Social Impacts of Mining the Cerro Colorado Deposit

Students: Lesya Nakoneczny and Kathleen Whysner

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