ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2018

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Student Reports:

PDF icon A Roadmap to the State of Electric Vehicles in Panama.pdf
Students: Clémentine Mattesco and Emile Sassone-Lawless

PDF icon Tropical dry-forest canopy cover and fruits presence as determinants of spatial distribution of Saguinus geoffroyi's.pdf
Students: Jasmin Bourgault and Leydianis González

PDF icon Analysis of Human Land Use on Parque Internacional la Amistad in Cerro Punta, Chiriquí.pdf
Students: Eric Bolsch and Mariana Llanos

PDF icon Diversity and Trophic Niche of Native Stingless Bees in Achiote, Colón.pdf
Students: Caitlin Belz and Aimy Wang

PDF icon Augmentating Accessibility for the Dorothy Wilson Interpretative Trail and the Parque Natural Metropolitano.pdf
Student: Leah Damo

PDF icon Urban Agriculture Guide for Children Aged 5-12.pdf
Student: Tor Fibiger

PDF icon The Future of Bamboo in Panama - An Ecological and Community-Based Approach.pdf
Students: Neala MacLeod Farley and Abby Maxwell

PDF icon Assessing the Effects of Mangrove Patch Size on the Density and Diversity of Bird Species in the Pablo Arturo Barrios Wildlife Refuge.pdf
Students: Annelise Geisterfer and Aurélie Guisnet

PDF icon Investigating the Impacts of Participaratory Film on Indigenous and Campesino Communities in Bayano, Panama.pdf
Students: Carlos Orlando Alvarado and Alexandra Guzman Bloise

PDF icon The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture in Tierras Altas, Panama and Recommendations for Adaptation - Perspectives of Local Farmers.pdf
Students: May Hobeika and Audrey Constance Wagner

PDF icon Evaluating the Efficacy of Leatherback Turtle Conservation in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.pdf
Students: Sophia Hsu and Avery Shoemaker

PDF icon Evaluation of the Vertical Stratification of Pollinator and Seed Disperser Biodiversity in the Rainforest Discovery Center of Soberanía National Park, Gamboa, Panama.pdf
Students: Yulia Klimento and Adrienne Richards

PDF icon Cambios Socio-Económicos en Ipetí-Emberá.pdf
Students: Madeleine Gauthier and Zoë Wilkins

PDF icon ICT and Community-Based Primate Conservation in the Burica Peninsula .pdf
Students: Cody Kane and Maja Pitcairn

PDF icon Producción de la especie Drosophila melanogaster para un programa de conservación ex situ de anfibios en el Centro de Investigación y Conservación de anfibios de Gamboa.pdf
Student: Karina Esther Zurique Mendoza

PDF icon Proyecto de Panama Colon Container Port - An Estimation of the Environmental Impacts.pdf
Students: Laura Peña Silva and Sandrine Royer

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