ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2017

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Student Reports:

Report: PDF icon Caracterizacion de la produccion de platanos en la comunidad de Achiote, Colón.pdf
Students: Irving Arcia and Alannah Klein

Report: PDF icon Turtle population assessment of PNM
Student: Allyson DeMerlis

Report:PDF icon Socio-environmental conflicts caused by hydroelectric projects on the Río Chiriquí Viejo.pdf
Students: Constance Lambert-Tremblay and Antonina Scheer

Report: PDF icon An Analysis of a Participatory Mapping Project in the Urracá Region.pdf
Students: Carla Massaro and Ella Myette

Report: PDF icon Evaluating seed abundance of palm and trees species occupying camera monitoring traps
Students: Easton Houle and Emily McIntosh

Report: PDF icon Implementation of biofuels in Panama.pdf
Student: Gabrielle Gionet

Report: PDF icon Distribution of Mantled Howler monkeys in Bella Vista and Limones, Chiriquí, Panama.pdf
Students: Tara Jagadeesh and Emma Sutherland

Report: PDF icon Insects encountered in Achiote, Panama and their ecosystem services and disservices.pdf
Student: Jessee Tinslay

Report: PDF icon Public consultation processes in Piriatí - two experiences.pdf
Students: Alice Hollis and Jessica Meirovici

Report: PDF icon Food security and climate change policy - interactions and applications in Buglé communities of northern Veraguas and Comarca Ngöbe-Buglé.pdf
Students: Juan Giraldo and Gavin Sitkoff-Vuong

Report: PDF icon Eco-guide realization, design and distribution for proyecto ecologico Azuero.pdf
Students: Megan Corbett-Thompson and Megan Zimba

Report: PDF icon Developing an educational curriculum for organic farming and permaculture in the district of Santa Fe.pdf
Students: Robin Beyers and Sarah Maclean

Report: PDF icon Challenges relating to development projects in the Pablo Arturo barrios wildlife refuge.pdf
Student: Sophie Eva Gagné-Landmann

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