Program fees

How much are the fees?

All amounts indicated on this page are in Canadian dollars.

The program fee is $8,005.92 for Summer 2023, and will likely be $8,246.10 for Winter 2024. The fee does not include airfare (approx. $1,000), tuition, insurance or living expenses. Students have reported requiring approximately an additional $2,000 in total for meals, clothing, travel, etc.

**For the May 2023 and January 2024 departure, McGill students in degree program who are selected for the program will automatically receive a $4,500 award to help defray the cost.**

  • Non-tuition program fee payable in the semester prior to the trip as follows:
    • $1,500 deposit: once accepted into the program, the deposit must be paid and is NON REFUNDABLE.
    • remaining balance: due Monday March 6th for the Summer 2023 departure, and on October 1st 2023 for the January 2024 departure.
  • Tuition fees: Amount varies. See below

What's included in the program fee?




Round trip airfare from Montreal to Panama

Airport fees and taxes

Ground transportation


Park fees


Local site visits, visits to local villages

Health or travel insurance

Local lecturers

McGill tuition (see below)

Gratuities for local staff members

Spending money

How do I pay my fees?

You may pay your fees in the following ways:

  • Program fees : 
    $1,500 deposit: once accepted into the program, the payment will be accepted by Student Accounts.
    Final payment of the balance: the payment will be accepted by Student Accounts.

    For further information on procedures for payment of fees visit the Student Accounts website.

    On-line banking
    Pay to McGill University using your student ID as the account number.
    Once you have done this, send an email student.accounts [at] (subject: Panama%20Field%20Study%20Semester%20-%20payment) (Student Accounts) to notify the financial office that the payment has been made. 

  • Tuition - See below.

Tuition fees

Students must register for their courses and pay before leaving for Panama. For more information about paying student fees, please visit the Student Accounts website. Students may give "guest access" to someone such as a parent to view their student account (tuition) via the internet.

Student Accounts provides the schedule of fees.

Refund policy

The program fees are non refundable. Unless for unseen circumstances and with the support of valid documentation (i.e., medical note) a withdrawal from the program is inevitable, a decision about possible refund would be undertaken.

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