Travel Exemption Request

Exemption Request 

Please note that all McGill-related travel within Canada and internationally continues to be prohibited,  in accordance with the Government of Canada advisory.

McGill’s International Mobility Guidelines stipulate that McGill staff and students avoid University-related travel to locations deemed unsafe by the Government of Canada. 

The Government of Canada - Travel Advice and Advisories show the overall risk level for a country or territory based on an assessment of the nationwide safety and security situation. There are four possible risk levels that can be applied to a country, territory or region:

  • Exercise normal security precautions
  • Exercise a high degree of caution
  • Avoid non-essential travel
  • Avoid all travel

Exemptions for travel or stay in a country with an “Avoid all travel” advisory will not be granted. 

If you deem your travel to a country or region with a Government of Canada’s travel advisory: “Avoid non-essential travel” to be essential, or if you are currently abroad and deem your participation in a University-related activity in your current location as essential, you must request an exemption. To do so:

  1. Get confirmation of support for participation in the international activity by your supervisor or faculty advisor.
  2. Fill out the exemption request form. Be sure to include:
    • a description of the activity (including location, travel conditions if any, nature of activity)
    • the rationale for your intended travel and/or participation in activity
    • a description of avenues explored for a substitute activity and why they are not suitable
    • a description of the measures undertaken to mitigate the risks. This may include reference to measures taken by local health authorities, the conditions under which the activity will take place, lodging condition, etc...
  3. Your request will be sent to the Dean of the Faculty for review and approval.
  4. The Dean shall consider the request and provide the Deputy Provost with a recommendation.
  5. The Deputy Provost will communicate the final decision and any conditions that may apply to the student. 

Note: Exemption request must be made with sufficient notice to allow for a detailed evaluation process to take place, and at least 4 weeks before any travel arrangements must be booked or 2 months before travel or start of activity whichever is earlier.

For questions, please contact mcgillabroad [at]

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