Independent Study Away

How does it work?

Unlike an exchange, participating in an Independent Study Away means that you apply, and pay tuition, to your host university independently as a visiting student.  This program is an opportunity to go abroad to a destination not covered by McGill's already existing global learning opportunities. If applicable, you may apply through your faculty to transfer credits earned during your Independent Study Away back to McGill.

When can I go?

You can complete an Independent Study Away during a regular academic term, or during the summer!  McGill Abroad compiles various Summer and Winter programs that are available abroad on our Partner Opportunities Abroad page that are an opportunity to study abroad in a recognized out-of-semester program.  Make sure to compare your host university's term dates to McGill's, as academic terms vary greatly across regions.

How can I get started?

As Independent Study Away is a unique opportunity that exists separately from McGill's exchange program, you are responsible for driving your experience. This means that you will independently research, apply to your host university, and will take care of any additional requirements needed for your trip. Each faculty and school has its own policies and procedures regarding independent study away.

Contact your Student Advisor today to explore whether an independent study away fits your program, goals and lifestyle.

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