ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2011

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Student Reports:

Measuring Tropical Insect Diversity: A Comparative Study of Chrysomelidae Richness in Luehea seemannii.
Report: Measuring_tropical insect diversity: a comparative study of chrysomelidae richness inl Luehea seemannii.pdf
Students: Taylor Gorham and Kyra McKelvey

Putting the "Eco" Back in "Eco-Tourism": Environmental Sustainability in Bocas del Toro
Report: Putting the eco back in eco-tourism: Environmental sustainability in Bocas del Toro.pdf
Student: W.Calvin Rosemond

Monitoring Sea Level Rise in Panama
Report: Monitoring sea level rise in Panama.pdf
Student: Claudia Atomei

Corporate Social Responsibility and Mining: A Canadian-Panamanian Cross Comparison
Report: Corporate_social_responsibility_and_mining.pdf
Students: Alizé Carrère and Dana Holtby

Plant Signage: Increasing Environmental Education Opportunities at Parque Municipal Summit
Report: Parque_Municipal_summit.pdf
Student: Deacon Blue

The Human-Wildcat Conflict in Panama: Characterization of Farms with Varying Levels of Livestock Population
Report: The_human-wildcat_conflict_in_panama_.pdf
Students: Jeanne Beaudry-Pilotte, Marjolaine Lagacé, Laurent S. Christin, Katryna van Vliet

The Expansion of the Enrique A. Jimenez International Airport
Report: Expansion_of_the_Enrique_Jimenez_intl_airport.pdf
Students: Kate Trincsi and Tam Kieu

In the Belly of the Machine: Indigenous Mining Experiences in Panama
Report: In_the_belly_of_the_machine.pdf
Students: Rosie Simms and Salma Moolji

Interpretive Material for the History, Culture and Biodiversity of Ancon Hill & Preliminary Risk Assessment for Its Fauna
Report: Ancon_hill.pdf
Student: Max Kuusela and Alex Tran

Development of Art, English and Environmental Education Programs
Report: Development_of_art_english_and_environmental_education_programs.pdf
Student: Cristyn Edwards

Participatory Integrated Pest Management in a Smallholder Farmer Cooperative
Report: Participatory_integrated_pest_management.pdf
Student: Russell Vinegar

Reforestation and Recuperation Projects and the White Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Parque Natural Metropolitano: A Comparative Study of Habitat Use and Its Implications on Behavior
Report: Reforestation_and_recuperation_projects_.pdf
Students: Tanya Tran and Eva Payette

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