ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2015

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Student Reports:

Report: Agrochemicals And Their Impact On Human Health.Pdf
Students: Kesner Dabady, Pierre Tulk

Report: An Analysis Of Mangrove Conservation And Land Use Management In The Pablo Arturo Barrios Wildlife Refuge.Pdf
Students: Hans Herrmann Alvarez Cienfuegos, Rebecca MacInnis

Report: Environmental Education Within The Context Of A Community-Based Waste Management In Akua Yala Panama.Pdf
Students: Nessa Ghassemi-Bakhtiari, Pierre Rogy

Report: Evaluacion Ambiental De La Cueva De Chilibre.Pdf
Students: Alexandre Dallaire, Munib Khanyari

Report: Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Learn Through Play.Pdf
Students: Nadia Lee Shi Yi, Véronique Cartier-Archambault

Report: Evaluating The Use Of Bioindicators And Bioassays As Techniques For Water Quality Monitoring At The Community Level.Pdf
Student: Emma Zapf-Gilje

Report: Exploring The Potential Effects Of Salinization On Neotropical Freshwater Systems.Pdf
Student: Benjamin Zank

Report: Induced Morphological Changes In Native Prey Species Following The Introduction Of Cichla monoculus.Pdf
Students: Ilke Geladi, Rachael Ryan

Report: Spatial & Temporal Dimensions Of Urban Growth In Panama City.Pdf
Students: Sophie Kronk, David Chen

Report: The Invisible Impasse.Pdf
Students: Justin Chisholm, Florence Tan

Report: The Role Of Film In The Bayano Region Ofeastern Panama.Pdf
Student: Nina Sylvester

Report: The Role Of Urban Parks In Environmental Education.Pdf
Students: Kamil Chatila-Amos, Marc Malloy

Report: PDF icon Year Two of the Long-Term Assessment of Mining Impacts in Donoso
Students: Samantha McCraine, Madeline Craig


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