ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2016

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Student Reports:

Report: PDF icon The Impact of Informal Urban Development in Panama
Students: Dena Coffman and Gal Kramer

Report: PDF icon Health Risk Perceptions of Agrochemical Exposure among Local Actors in Changuinola, Panama
Students: Jean-Yves Taranger and Brittany Curry-Sharples

Report: PDF icon Asociación Café Comunidad y Ambiente - A Case Study in Social Organizing
Students: Sally Maxwell and Rebecca Park

Report: PDF icon Assessing Climate Change on Agriculture in Santa Fe de Veraguas - Impacts and Adaptations
Students: Charlotte Bourget-Rousseau and Amelia Peres

Report: PDF icon The Social Dimension of Commerce - Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Colón Free Trade Zone, Panama
Students: Fanny Boudet, Joan Herrmann and Sean Schmitz

Report: PDF icon Influence of Abiotic Factors on the Size of Larval Cases of the Order Trichoptera (Calamoceratidae) in Neotropical Freshwater Ecosystems
Students: Carlos Andre Yanez-Schmidt and Cam Roy

Report: PDF icon The influence of Canopy Cover and Connectivity on the Habitat Selection of Saguinus geoffroyi in the Parque Natural Metropolitano
Students: Da Jeong Kim and Emily Riondato

Report: PDF icon A Study of Edge Effects on Tree Species Distribution and Composition along the Parque Natural Metropolitano's Sendero Panama
Students: Marie-Lou Despoux and Charles Bazerghi

Report: PDF icon Uncovering Trends between Environmental Features and Feline Camera Trap Occurences in the Alto Chagres Region of Panama
Students: Juliana Balluffi-Fry and Laura Milena Molina González

Report: PDF icon Examining the Accessibility of the Development of Non Conventional Renewable Energies within the Electric Grid in Panama
Students: Claire Bucki, Matthew Loxley and Patrick Van Wagenen

Report: PDF icon Year Three of the Long Term Mining Monitoring Project - Assessing the Three Flows of Information on Water Quality Monitoring in Donoso, Panama
Students: Andreane Bellon de Chassy, Nathalie Chehab and Rebeca Cipollitti

Report: PDF icon The Dorothy Wilson Interpretive Trail - Increasing Accessibility at Parque Natural Metropolitano
Student: Lina Alvarez


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