ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2009

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Executive Summaries:

Summaries of projects Executive Summaries 2009 [.doc] spanning three general themes of biodiversity and conservation, natural resources, and conservation strategies, resulting from the collaboration of students and their host institutions:


Student Reports:

A Community Gardening Project: una experiencia de hortaliza que produzca pepino y tomate

Students: Emma Loosigian and Ginny Moore

A Contribution to the Ecological Understanding of Bats in the Natural Metropolitan Park, Panama

Students: Heather Cray and Genevieve D'Avignon

Agro-tourism Assessment of the Patronato de Nutricion farms: A Case Study of El Macano

Students: Judith Lavoie, Charlotte Picard and Camille Hausheer

Analysis of the Impacts of Land-Cover Changes on Soil Erosion in Watershed of Río Antón, Province of Coclé

Students: Antoine Léger Dionne and Danielle Linnen

Color Pattern and Ecological Speciation in Coral Reef Fishes of the Genus Hypoplectrus

Students: Jose Benchetrit and Marie-Claude Coté-Laurin

Environmental Education in Colon: Creating a Children's Book about Marine Ecosystems

Students: Ashley Duong and Vikas Gehlot

Land Use Change and the Agricultural Frontier in Ipetí-Emberá

Students: Jenna Whitson and Danylo Bobyk

Living on a Modern Colonization Frontier: An Assessment of Colono Necessities and Livelihood Strategies in the Buffer Zone of Ipetí

Students: Alexandra Duchesne and Maxime Lemoyne

Nuevo Sistema de Abastecimiento de Agua en Ipetí-Emberá

Students: Cayleigh Eckhardt and Vincent Hamann Benoit

Observations on the Ecology and Behaviour of Saguinus geoffroyi and Aotus zonalis in a Semi Humid Forest located in Charges National Park

Students: Alice Roy-Bolduc, Justine Alexander and Guillaume Peterson-St Laurent

Open Sea Aquaculture in Panama: An Assessment of Cobia Production by Pristine Oceans

Student: Chloe Stemler

Socio-Economic "Windows of Opportunity" in Ipeti-Emberá, Panama

Students: Julie Raynaud and Xoco Shinbrot


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