ENVR 451 - Research in Panama: 2013

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Student Reports:

Report: Alternative Development as an Ecological Defense against Mining Development: the Case of Santa Fe.pdf
Student: Sean Phipps

Report: Creating a Standard Protocol for El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center Operations.pdf
Students: Michelle Reeves, Karen Wang

Report: Evaluating Visitor Perception of Parque Municipal Summit: an Exercise in Targeted Resource Development and Improving Public Awaremess.pdf
Students: Julia Menache, Sara Muncs

Report: The Effect of Consumptive Waste on Mangrove Functionality: a Comparative Analysis.pdf
Spanish: El efecto de la basura en la dinámica de los ecosistemas de manglar: un análisis comparativo.pdf
Students: Elise Bulow, Tyler Ferdinand

Report: Un análisis de las Costumbres Alimentaris Indígenas y Latinas en Panamá y sus Impactos sobre la Salud.pdf
Students: Marie de Barthès, Aliza Sandino-Gold

Report: An Exercise in Inclusive Environmental Education-the Development of a Bird Call Audio Guide as a Multifaceted Resource.pdf
Student: Brittany Sigler

Report: Towards a Dashboard of Sustainability Indicators: Directing Panama's Developmental Strategy.pdf
Students: Anthony Sardain, Cécile Tang

Report: an Oral History of Sea Level Rise in Costa Abajo.pdf
Students: Hélène Descoteaux, Frances Grout-Brown

Report: Redefining Urban Sprawl: a GIS Approach to Mapping Sustainability Indicators.pdf
Students: Maya Fromstein, Per Kraut

Report: Archiving the History of Land-use Planning and Territorial Conflict in the Upper Bayano Basin of Panama.pdf
Students: Camila Gordillo, Coralie Thomas

Report: Bridge of Life: Panama's Biomuseo.pdf
Student: Chloë Saint-Denis

Report: A Response to the Early Challenges Faced by Turtle Conservation Initiative in Pedasí Los Santos.pdf
Students: Elana Evans, Ike Green-Nault

Report: Human-Jaguar Conflict in the Alto Chagres National Park: A Socio-Ecological Study.pdf
Students: Kristine Brossard, John A. Pritz

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