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You are advised against registering for courses (including online classes) that are scheduled at the same time in the Minerva Class Schedule. There will be no accommodation in the event of any course, conference or exam conflicts.


Refer to McGill's Registering for Courses webpage for detailed instructions on using Minerva to register for courses, including a registration tutorial video.

Students who need 96 or fewer credits to complete their B.A. degree requirements should select their programs of study on Minerva to facilitate their course registration. You can indicate your program choice by logging in to Minerva. Click on “Student Records Menu”, then select “Change Your Primary Academic Curriculum”.

Academic Advising and Registration Deadlines

All currently registered students who expect to return to McGill are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor(s) prior to leaving for the summer. Registration for the upcoming academic year opens end of May for returning students and in June for new students. Please note that all courses have enrollment caps. If you do not register until August, the courses you choose (or need for your program) may be full. Make sure you register in at least one course prior to the date when late registration fees are charged.

Fall/Winter Term Registration

Please refer to key dates and the eCalendar for registration details. To read about registration procedure see here

All students should familiarize themselves with the eCalendar. Students are responsible for adhering to the course change and withdrawal deadlines. Please note that late registration fees apply after a certain date (check date here).

As long as any required prerequisites are successfully completed (with a grade of C or better), the BA degree allows for a relatively flexible course distribution. Students can take a mix of required or complementary major, minor, and elective courses each term simultaneously—you are not required to complete one set of program requirements before moving on to the next.

You are advised against registering for courses (including online classes) that are scheduled at the same time in the Minerva Class Schedule. There will be no accommodation in the event of any course, conference or exam conflicts.

Your departmental advisors for each of your programs can help you plan your course selection to meet your program requirements!

Summer Session Registration

Registration for the McGill Summer Studies opens in early March, therefore consult their website for details.

Management Courses

Students registered in programs requiring courses in the Faculty of Management (Minor in Management, Minor in Marketing, Minor in Finance, Minor in Operations Management, Minor in Social Entrepreneurship, Joint Honours Economics and Accounting, Joint Honours Economics and Finance, Faculty program in Industrial Relations, etc.) may register early in specific courses. See the eCalendar and key dates

All Management courses have enrolment caps. Students in the above programs are therefore strongly encouraged to take advantage of the early registration dates. Although registration in Management courses opens to all students at a later date (check date here), other course controls may continue to block registration (e.g., pre-requisite controls, faculty restrictions, etc.). You may have to consult with the Faculty of Management to obtain permission to register.

Continuing Education Courses

Typically courses offered through the School of Continuing studies do not count towards an Arts Degree. However, there are some exceptions. Courses administered by Continuing Education but offered by the undergraduate faculties (e.g., Economics or Chemistry) may in some cases be counted for credit towards the BA degree. For more information on Continuing Education Courses please see here.

Cancellation of Registration

If you decide not to return to McGill in September or January after you have registered, you must drop all your courses on Minerva or submit a written request to cancel your registration before classes begin for the semester. In your letter, include your McGill student number and your signature. Enclose your McGill student ID card and forward it to the following address:

Service Point, Enrolment Services
McGill University
3415 McTavish St.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 1Y1
Fax: 514-398-5544
Phone: 514-398-7878

Please check with Service Point for the deadline to cancel your course registration before the start of the semester.  Please note that if you cancel your course registration before the start of classes in September by the required date, your Fall term course registration will be deleted AND your Winter term courses will be dropped on Minerva by the end of September because your student record in the Fall is not active.

If you miss this deadline, you will have to withdraw from your Fall term courses.

If you cancel your course registration, you must request readmission on Minerva to resume your McGill studies.

Consult the Student Accounts website for information on how a break in enrolment may impact your student account.

The cancellation of your course registration will impact access to your McGill email account. Please consult this website or contact IT Services for further information.


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