McGill Students

McGill students can take advantage of over 300 courses offered in the summer, while enjoying the green campus and attending the dozens of Montreal festivals. Find out why Montreal is one of the top summer cities in the world!  

Undergraduate Students


  • If you're a current undergraduate student at McGill, you don't need to apply to become a Summer Studies student.  Simply register for Summer Studies courses through Minerva, McGill's online student interface.
  • Graduating? Students who have a Winter 2019 graduation term on their record and would like to take summer courses just need to complete the Authorization for Change of Program - Graduating Students online form. Graduating students are considered Special Students when applying for Summer Studies.
  • Students who were not registered, or who withdrew in the Winter term and have received a letter of readmission from the Faculty Office, can register for Summer Studies on Minerva.
  • Students owing fees to McGill from previous terms will be denied access to register.

Registration tips

  • Consult the Undergraduate Programs Calendar to check your course and program requirements.
  • For help on how to register and manage your course load, visit Enrolment Services.
  • Minerva opens for registration at 9:00 a.m. on each listed opening registration date. Please keep in mind that there is high traffic on the first day of registration and logging in can take 15-30 minutes.

Change your mind?  Students are responsible for all registered courses. To formally drop a course, use Minerva before the deadline drop date. It is not sufficient to notify the instructor or cease to attend lectures (see Course Drop & Withdrawal for more information).

The last day to drop a course in the summer (with refund) is the 4th scheduled class
The last day to withdraw from a course (with no refund) is the 9th scheduled class.
Please note that these deadlines might differ for intensive courses; please consult the course description for details.

Graduate Students

Please refer to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for full instructions and information about registering for Summer Studies.

Continuing Studies Students

If you wish to take a Summer Studies course that is not offered by the School of Continuing Studies, you must get approval from your Program Advisor at the School of Continuing Studies. Please see the Client Services Counter.

Once you have received permission to register for the course from the Department or Faculty, you must get approval from your Program Advisor at the School of Continuing Studies. You can then register for the course in-person at the Client Services Counter.

Study Abroad

Current McGill students need to seek the approval of their Faculty to participate to the following programs:

Additional Summer opportunities are also offered by the McGill Abroad Office