Graduate Program Contacts

Medicine and Health Sciences

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Graduate Program Director christian.rocheleau [at] (Dr. Christian Rocheleau) 514-398-6357
Graduate Program Coordinator studentaffairs.acb [at] (Joelle Denomy-Hasilo) 514-398-6357
Graduate Program Director bhushan.nagar [at] (Bhushan Nagar ) 514-398-4447
Student Affairs Officer christine.laberge [at] (Christine Laberge ) 514-398-2423
Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Program Director, Non-Thesis Program and Graduate Certificate ahmad.haidar [at] (Prof. Ahmad Haidar) 514-398-4491
Student Affairs Administrator oumee.issemdar [at] (Roumaan Issemdar) 514-398-1534
Biomedical Ethics
Graduate Program Director Jennifer.Fishman [at] (Prof. Jennifer Fishman) 514-398-7403
Administrative Coordinator admincoord.ihsp [at] (Anaik Fortier (DEEP)) 514-398-6980
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Student Affairs Administrator andreea.mandache [at] (Andreea Mandache) 514-398-5253
Graduate Program Director elin.thordardottir [at] (Elin Thordardottir) 514-398-4137
Graduate Secretary scsd [at] (Antoinette Sommer ) 514-398-5221
Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health
Graduate Program Director josee.dupuis3 [at] (Prof. Josee Dupuis (Chair))


Epidemiology Program Director arijit.nandi [at] (Dr. Arijit Nandi) 514-398-7846
Public Health Program Director

christine.stich [at] (Dr. Christine Stich)


Biostatistics Program Director [at] (Dr. Alexandra Schmidt ) 514-398-5625
Occupational Health Program Director paul.heroux [at] (Prof. Paul Héroux) 514-398-6988
Student Affairs Officer gradadmin.eboh [at] (André-Yves Gagnon) 514-398-1812
Student Affairs Coordinator gradcoord2.eboh [at] (Katherine Hayden) 514-398-6269
Student Affairs Coordinator gradcoord1.eboh [at] (Deirdre Lavery) 514-398-6258
Program Officer (MScPH) ester.dicori [at] (Ester Di Cori) 514-398-5283
Experimental Medicine
Director/Graduate Program Director anne-marie.lauzon [at] (Dr. Anne-Marie Lauzon) 514-934-1934, ext. 34699 or ext. 34700
Associate Program Director elizabeth.fixman [at] (Dr. Elizabeth Fixman) 514-934-1934, ext. 76242
Student Affairs Officer experimental.medicine [at] (Sandra Morrison) 514-934-1934 ext. 36465
Student Affairs Coordinator experimental.medicine [at] (Marylin Linhares ) 514-934-1934, ext. 34699
Student Affairs Coordinator experimental.medicine [at] (Bhinesha Seetaram) 514-934-1934, ext. 34700
Surgical and Interventional Sciences
Graduate Program Director fackson.mwale [at] (Dr. Fackson Mwale ) 514-340-8222, ext. 2948
Graduate Program Coordinator [at] (Sharon Turner) 514-934-1934, ext. 42837
Family Medicine
Graduate Program Director (PhD) tibor.schuster [at] (Dr. Tibor Schuster)  
Graduate Program Director (MSc) kathleen.rice [at] (Dr. Kathleen Rice)  
Graduate Program Manager gradmanager.fammed [at] (Cheryl Bethelmy) 514-399-9103
Graduate Program Coordinator graduateprograms.fammed [at] 514-399-9109
Institute Health Science Education
Graduate Program Director peter.nugus [at] (Prof. Peter Nugus) (on Sabbatical leave)  
Graduate Program Director maryam.wagner [at] (Prof. Maryam Wagner) (acting)  
Graduate Program Coordinator [at] (Sherrie Child)  
Human Genetics
Graduate Program Director pmoffatt [at] (Prof. Pierre Moffatt) 514-282-7161
Student Affairs Advisor ross.mackay [at] (Ross MacKay) 514-398-4198
Administrative Assistant kandace.springer [at] MCGILL.CA (Kandace L. Springer) 514-398-3600
Additional Graduate Information dept.humangenetics [at]
Medical Physics
Director/Graduate Program Director shirin.enger [at] (Prof. Shirin Enger) 514-934-8052
Assistant/Graduate Secretary margery.knewstubb [at] (Margery Knewstubb ) 514-934-1934,
ext. 44158
Microbiology and Immunology
Graduate Program Director ciro.piccirillo [at] (Dr. Ciriaco Piccirillo) 514-934-1934
ext. 76143
Student Affairs Officer carmen.paezmendoza [at] (Carmen Paez Mendoza) 514-398-3915
Student Affairs Administrator grad.microimm [at] (Nishat Shabnam) 514-398-3061
Associate Director, Education sonia.semenic [at] (Prof. Sonia Semenic) 514-398-4149
Graduate Program Director, Ph.D. Program stephanie.charbonneau [at] (Prof. Stéphanie Charbonneau)  514-398-1281
Graduate Program Director, MScA Nursing (Nurse Practitioner Concentrations and Gr Certificate/Diploma Nurse Practitioner) irene.sarasua [at] (Prof. Irene Sarasua) 514-398-6945
Graduate Program Director, Master's Program DE maria.difeo [at] (Prof. Maria Di Feo) 514-398-2831
Graduate Program Director, Master's Programs NE jodi.tuck [at] (Prof. Jodi Tuck) 513-839-1598
Student Affairs Officer student-affairs-officer.nursing [at] (Margie Gabriel) 514-398-4159
Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator graduate2.nursing [at] (Ana Carolina Figueiredo Tomaselli) 514-398-4151
Graduate Program Director luke.mccaffrey [at] (Dr. Luke McCaffrey) (514) 398-8987
Student Affairs Officer TBD 514-398-8389
Graduate Program Coordinator admin.onc [at] (Elisa Monaco) 514-398-4596
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Graduate Program Director Bernard.Segal [at] (Prof. Bernard Segal ) 514-340-8222,
ext. 25987
Administrative Coordinator/Graduate Program Coordinator [at] (Fabio Ciccocioppo) 514-340-1934,
ext. 36386
Graduate Program Director Edith.Zorychta [at] (Prof. Edith Zorychta ) 514-398-7125

Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator

Gradstudies.pathology [at] (Hua Ling)


Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Graduate Program Director lisa.munter [at] (Dr. Lisa Munter) 514-398-1398
Student Affairs Coordinator Gradstudies.pharmacology [at] 514-398-3623,
ext. 09919
Physical and Occupational Therapy
Director, Graduate Rehabilitation Programs ISABELLE.GELINAS [at] MCGILL.CA (Dr. Isabelle Gelinas) 514-398-4514
Associate Director, Graduate Rehabilitation Programs anouk.lamontagne [at] (Dr. Anouk Lamontagne) 514-398-4397
Director, Physical Therapy Programs liliane.asseraf.pasin [at] (Dr. Liliane Asseraf-Pasin) 514-398-5594
Associate Director, Physical Therapy Programs richard.preuss [at] (Dr. Richard Preuss ) 514-398-3349
Director, Occupational Therapy Programs sara.saunders [at] (Dr. Sara Saunders) 514-398-4400, ext. 09253
Associate Program Director, Occupational Therapy Programs susanne.mak [at] (Susanne Mak) 514-398-2772
Student Affairs Administrator [at] (Spencer Keys-Schatia) 514-398-4400,
ext. 09664
Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Professional Masters) [at] (Marlene Brettler) 514-398-2784
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Clinical Education) [at] (Nadina Paraschuk) 514-398-1293
Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Rehabilitation) graduate.rehabilitation [at] (Ziyue Zhu) 514-398-2271
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Professional Masters Admissions) [at] (Meliza Coronell) 514-398-5926
Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Certificates) [at] (Tina Portaro) 514-398-4400,
ext. 0432
Graduate Program Director and Posdoctoral Affairs Director maurice.chacron [at]">Prof. Maurice Chacron 514-398-2272
Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator gradstudies.physiology [at] (Jennifer Rondeau) 514-398-4343
Graduate Program Director naguib.mechawar [at] (Dr. Naguib Mechawar) 514-398-5804
Graduate Program Coordinator  graduate.psychiatry [at] (Cindy Lui) 514-398-4176
Social Studies of Medicine
Graduate Program Director TBA  
Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator heike.faerber [at] (Heike Faerber) 514-398-6668


Interfaculty studies

Biological and Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Program Director brandon.xia [at] (Prof. Brandon Xia) 514-398-5026
Associate Graduate Program Director Maryam.Tabrizian [at] (Prof. Maryam Tabrizian ) 514-398-6739
Student Affairs Officer pina.sorrini [at] (Pina Sorrini) 514-398-2866
Graduate Program Coordinator info.bbme [at] MCGILL.CA (Sabrina Teoli) 514-398-6736
Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN)
Director ed.ruthazer [at] (Dr. Edward Ruthazer) 514-398-4022
Project Administrator projects.ipn [at] (Dhabisha Kohilanathan) 514-398-3341
Student Affairs Officer administrator.ipn [at] (Katherine Vanka) 514-398-1229
Student Affairs Coordinator ipn [at] (Viviane Omune) 514-398-1905
Student Affairs Coordinator, Admission ipn.admissions [at] (Mirko Sablich) 514-398-6243
Quantitative Life Sciences
Graduate Program Director celia.greenwood [at] (Dr. Celia Greenwood) 514-340-8222 ext. 2-8397
Graduate Program Coordinator ALEXANDER.DEGUISE [at] MCGILL.CA (Alexander DeGuise) 514-398-4826


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