BSc (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

Are you committed to environmental issues, passionate about agriculture and the rural community, or looking for a career in business? We have a program to meet your needs!



In this degree, you will have a number of majors to choose from, and each major will be paired with at least one specialization. You can find information on both the majors and the recommended specializations on the program pages that follow.

Not sure what specialization you want? Don’t worry, there is no need to rush. You will have plenty of time to discuss the choices with your Academic Advisor. If you are having trouble choosing between them, it’s not a problem. You can do two!


The BSc AgEnvSc offers the possibility of six majors, which are combined with a Specialization, Option or Domain

Specializations and Domains

A specialization focuses on a specific area of study, providing more in-depth training to complement the broader focus of each Major. Suggested specializations are listed with each Major. Most specializations can be taken with any Major except for Agricultural Economics and Environment. If you can’t decide on a specialization at the time of application, there is plenty of time to discuss the choices with your academic advisor. You can also choose to do two specializations if you wish to broaden your training.


DOMAINS (Environment Major only)

Domains provide a transdisciplinary study of a particular theme or component of the environment. The following Domains are offered to students in the BSc AgEnvSc. Each Domain has different requirements which can be viewed by clicking on the Domain name below. 

Minors and Honours

Minors are available to students both within the Faculty and on the downtown campus. Minors may require additional time and/or credits for certain programs. Honours programs are also available to students who meet the academic requirements before entering their fi nal year of studies. Discuss these options with your academic advisor once you are at McGill. Students cannot apply for Minors or Honours at the time of application.

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