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Noemy - U3 studentNoémy

U3 student in the Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences majoring in Life Sciences with a specialization in Animal Health and Disease.

I chose this program because it offers hands-on training and has a diverse course offering. That is very important for me because I learn best when I can apply the theory through laboratory experiments. I also was unsure of the field of study I wanted to choose so the broad choices of courses really helped me narrow down my interests. Outside of my classes, I’m VP of media for the Fermenters & Brewers of Mac student club, I’m a student ambassador for the university and I work part-time at a small animal veterinary practice. I previously graduated with a three-year technical DEC from CEGEP of Saint-Hyacinthe and am a Certified Veterinary Technician. I had to go through the freshman program (U0) to meet the entrance requirements of the bachelor's degree. I speak English, and French and I’d be more than happy to answer your questions in either of these languages. I look forward to meeting you all, through Zoom or in person.


Selin - U1 studentSelin

U1 student in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, dual-degree program majoring in Food Science and Nutritional Sciences

I grew up in both Ontario and Michigan and am in my second year of a dual-degree program, majoring in Food Science and Nutritional Sciences. Recently, I joined one of my professor's labs as an undergraduate research assistant, and it’s been an amazing learning opportunity! I am also involved in McGill’s Food Science Association, which has been a great way to connect with people in my program and learn more about the industry. One of my favourite things about being a student at Mac is the tight-knit community and how easy it is to talk to your professors. During my first year, I lived in residence, where I met a lot of awesome people, despite having classes online. This year, I’m living downtown and have been loving how beautiful the city is!


Jamie - U3 studentJamie

U3 student in in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Honors Environmental Biology specializing in Wildlife Biology

I come from Lebanon and my studies are based at the Macdonald Campus. My program allows me to get out in the field, conduct experiments in and around forests and rivers, and learn more about our planet's amazing biodiversity and how to conserve it in Montreal, Canada, and everywhere else! My favourite part of Mac has to be how kind, warm, and friendly everyone is, which makes for a super cool tight-knit family! I am part of a few intramural teams in soccer and frisbee, which is a great way to meet new people and have loads of fun. I am also addicted to the Macdonald Campus Outdoors Club, where I nurture my love for hiking, camping and canoeing. I have been a Frosh leader twice, as I am a quite social person and enjoy Montreal’s unique nightlife. I speak four languages and I am more than excited to share with you why I think studying at Mac (and McGill in general) is an awesome opportunity to learn loads and develop wonderful friendships and new passions



U1 student in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, majoring in Environmental Biology with a specialization in Wildlife Biology

I started out in the Freshman Program last year and I'm now majoring in Environmental Biology with a specialization in Wildlife Biology. I'm originally from southern Ontario and decided to study at McGill to experience life away from home and explore the beautiful city of Montréal. Since I live downtown and study at Macdonald Campus, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds and would be more than happy to share my experiences with you! I also lived in residence first year and met so many amazing people, despite pandemic restrictions. If you have any questions about being an out-of-province student, residence life, Macdonald Campus, or just life as a McGill student in general, I'm here to answer them!

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