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Creating Sustainable Food Systems for Present and Future Food Challenges



The Department of Bioresource Engineering invites you to a special seminar by Dr Peter Adewale, Research Associate Bioprocessing and Biocatalysis, NRC-ACRD

The food systems, safety, and nutrition challenges are complex problems that require a holistic and coordinated approach to address. Many proposed solutions for food systems are queried by different disciplinary, divisional, and institutional stakeholders. Increasingly globalized food systems further compound the challenges that necessitate cohesive interactions across different scales and food systems levels. A multidisciplinary approach and integrated actions are needed for effective food systems. To transit towards food system sustainability, many food system activities might require reconstruction. Applying engineering skills to address most food systems challenges will ensure the practical sustainability of food production, supply chain, and consumption. This talk will focus on the application of engineering skills such as circular economy, non-invasive food quality and safety mechanisms, and smart food packaging systems to address food systems challenges.


Dr. Peter Adewale received his PhD in 2015 from McGill University in the Food and Bioprocess Engineering Lab of the Bioresource Engineering Department. At McGill, he was involved in both national and international projects covering food and biomaterials characterization, agricultural and industrial waste valorization to value-added products. During his postdoc at Lakehead University – Biorefining Research Institute, Canada, Dr. Adewale pioneered and initiated a series of research in biomaterials using forest and agriculture wastes as feedstocks. In 2019, He joined the Bioprocessing and Biocatalysis portfolio of the NRC-ACRD Research Center as a Research Associate. Since then, he has played an essential role for many collaborative projects on the sustainability of pulse protein processing in Canada. Dr. Adewale has published more than 15 peer-reviewed articles in reputable scientific journals with an H-index of 10 and i10-index of 10 and presented 5 industrial and technical reports.


Zoom Meeting ID: 841 1539 0729
Passcode: 007402

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