McGill Transcripts

The Faculty of Law does not provide official or copies of your McGill transcript. To obtain an official copy, students must contact the McGill Registrar’s Office directly. For more information, see McGill's Student Records: Transcripts section.

Non-McGill Transcripts

The Faculty of Law and McGill University will NOT provide or forward copies (even certified copies) of non-McGill transcripts submitted during the admissions process or from an exchange program or for a course taken outside of McGill. Transcripts sent to McGill become the property of the University and will not be returned or forwarded to other institutions. Students must contact the other university directly to have official documents forwarded as necessary.

Grade Suppression Hold

À la fin de chaque session, il y aura un blocage administratif des relevés de notes. Il ne sera pas possible de consulter ses relevés de notes non officiels ou de présenter une demande de relevés de notes officiels/imprimés.

Students should keep this in mind if they require transcripts for employment purposes. This hold is necessary in order to block the viewing of term grades until they have been approved by Faculty Council.

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