The Faculty offers students the opportunity to type exam responses on their laptop using exam software licensed by McGill. L’utilisation des logiciels pour rédiger les examens est facultative: les étudiant.e.s de la Faculté de droit peuvent les rédiger à la main.

In this section, you will find information on:

  1. Upcoming Exam Dates and Rooms - Where and when your upcoming exams will take place
  2. Accommodations and Conflicts - Reporting and exam conflict and making a request for accommodation
  3. Computerized Exams - Explanations on how to use the current exam software programs
  4. Exam Codes - Information on midterm and final examination codes
  5. Exam Regulations - McGill's and the Faculty's policies and regulations for examinations
  6. Deferred and Supplemental Examinations - Information and request forms for deferred exams, and information on supplemental exams
  7. Exam Viewing - Find out which exams have been given back to the SAO; fill out a viewing exam request
  8. Grade Reviews - How to make a request to have a grade reviewed