When and Where is My Exam?

2023-2024 Final Exam Schedules

PDF icon Fall 2023 Final Exam Schedule(Dec 6, 2023)

PDF icon Fall 2023 Exam Schedule (Room Allocations) (Dec 7, 2023)


Note on ExamSoft: Be aware that once you have downloaded an exam file, you must complete it according inside the time indicated, as the timer ("count down") starts after download. Don't forget to log out of ExamSoft once you have downloaded your exam. Completed exams must be uploaded to ExamSoft within their specified duration, as determined by the instructor.

Academic integrity: A take-home examination is an individual exercise. Students are expected to maintain the confidentiality of questions and answers, unless specific instructions are provided on the exam regarding student collaboration. Students found in such academic code violation will be subject to disciplinary measures.

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