Exam Codes

The SAO generates two sets of Exam Codes:

  1. Midterm Exam Code (4 digits, term specific) to be used for midterm exams and midterm take-home exams only.
  2. Final Exam Code (alpha, term specific) to be used during the final examination period ONLY. Final Exam Codes are used for both sit-down exams and take-home exams.

Note: First-year students will use fall term final exam codes to identify December examinations. 

Where to find your exam code

You will find your exam codes via Minerva. Exam Codes are found under the “Student Menu”. Click on “Registration Menu” and go to the “Check your Registration Eligibility and Verify your Curriculum” page. Le code d’examen se trouve à la gauche, au-dessus de “Earned Credits”. Only your Law Exam Code for the current term will be displayed (previous terms will not be available). Veuillez mémoriser vos codes d’examens.

If, for any reason, you do not see a Law Exam Code on Minerva, email the sao.law [at] mcgill.ca (SAO).

Students are cautioned to maintain the confidentiality of their exam codes.

Passwords: The password is your current Term Specific Exam Code, prefixed by the case sensitive word law in lower case (no spaces, no hyphens) 


  • Undergraduate students: if your exam code is ABAB, then your password is lawABAB.
  • Graduate students: if your exam code is GR-WXYZ then your password is lawGRWXYZ.
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