Meet your Student Affairs Office team

The Faculty of Law's Student Affairs Office (SAO) provides information and guidance for all Law students (BCL/JD, LLM, DCL, GC programs).

Contact the SAO if you have questions about: programs, degree requirements, registration, advising, course changes & schedules, procedures for withdrawal, exam schedules & conflicts, deferred & supplemental exams, academic standing, leave of absence or term away, and graduation.

General enquiries may be directed to us by [at] (email). Please include your McGill student ID number when emailing [at]

We also invite students to leave us anonymous feedback.

Darren Rosenblum, Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)           

514-398-8232 or darren.rosenblum [at] (Email)

Requests for appointments with the Associate Dean should be directed to Pasqualina.Chiarelli [at] (Lina Chiarelli).

Tina Piper, Associate Dean (Academic)

514-398-4324 or tina.piper [at] (Email)

Requests for appointments with the Associate Dean should be directed to Pasqualina.Chiarelli [at] (Lina Chiarelli).

Giosina Rota, Student Affairs Manager

giosi.rota [at] (Email)

  • Management the Student Affairs Office and Graduate Programs in Law Office.
  • Oversight of academic support programs, as well as curricular and academic matters
  • Health and wellness activities
  • Student accommodations and student advising
  • First-year orientation
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Exchange Program and Study Abroad
  • Extensions on deadlines for essays and other in-term work (undergraduate and graduate

Victoria Allin, Senior Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator

New Chancellor Day Hall, room 433
victoria.allin [at] (Email) 

  • General enquiries
  • Course schedule
  • Registration
  • Course changes
  • E-Submission
  • Grade submissions & Grade Reviews
  • Requests for appointments with the Associate Dean (Academic - Undergraduate), and Director, Student Life & Learning.
  • Coordination of Exchange Program and Study Away
  • Letters of Attestation/Proof of Enrollment Letters/Bar Exam Attestations
  • Coordination of course schedule and course offerings
  • Coordination of curriculum changes

Dalia Charafeddine, Sr. Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Studies)

New Chancellor Day Hall -dalia.charafeddine [at] (Email)

  • General enquiries
  • Admissions
  • Financial support
  • Registration
  • Thesis
  • Graduation
  • Letters of Attestation

Ilana ChocronIlana Chocron, Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Office)

New Chancellor Day Hall, ilana.chocron [at] (Email)

  • General enquiries
  • Admissions
  • Registration
  • Research Project

Kayla Adem, Local Wellness Advisor

New Chancellor Day Hall, room 435
514-398-3424 or kayla.adem [at] (Email) | Make an appointment online 

  • Provide wellness outreach and programming for students (part of the Student Wellness Hub)
  • Increase student awareness of and access to available services
  • Orient and connect students to the appropriate service(s) they need
  • Provide information to staff and faculty on how to better support students

Shrabani Debroy, Local Wellness Advisor 

Please note: Shrabani is currently on leave.

Heleen Loohuis, Local Wellness Advisor (part-time)

Please note: Heleen is currently on leave.

Giosina Rota, Student Consultant

Giosi RotaNew Chancellor Day Hall, room 428
giosina.rota [at] (Email)

  • Student advising & support
  • Registration & Examinations
  • Course Scheduling
  • Graduation & degree audits
  • Prizes & Scholarships
  • Moots

Astrid Tchakmaktchian, Student Consultant (1st & 2nd years, Exchange Program, and Wellness Program)

Astrid TchakmaktchianNew Chancellor Day Hall, room 433
astrid.tchakmaktchian [at] (Email)

  • Student Advising & Support
  • 1st and 2nd year of the BCL/JD Program  
  • Exchanges and Study Away
  • Majors, Internships, Student Clerkships
  • Academic Success & Wellness Program


Sophie Hough-Martin, Student Affairs Coordinator

New Chancellor Day Hall-sophie.hough-martin [at] (Email)

  • Student inquiries
  • Exams
  • Grade Submissions
  • Registration
  • Course schedule

Inès Bouzaoui, Student Affairs Coordinator

New Chancellor Day Hall - ines.bouzaoui [at] (Email)

  • Student enquiries
  • Course schedule
  • E-Submission
  • Registration
  • Course changes
  • Grade submissions

Leyla Suleiman, Student Affairs Consultant

New Chancellor Day Hall - leyla.suleiman [at] (Email)

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