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Canada and UK flagsImplications of Brexit for Trade Relations between Canada & the United Kingdom: The Way Forward - December 6, 2018, University College London

Professor Armand de Mestral will be at University College London, on December 6, 2018, to give a lecture on the “Implications of Brexit for Trade relations between Canada & the United Kingdom: The Way Forward”.

Abstract: Citizens in the UK are currently fixated on relations with the EU, but, with Brexit on the horizon, many other countries are concerned. For example, Canada, which has always maintained close political, cultural and economic relations with the UK, will have to take steps to ensure the maintenance of these relations. Indeed there seems to be scant understanding of the trouble that will be caused to Canada and other friendly states in the event of Brexit. These countries will have to take measures both internationally and at the domestic level to ensure the continuance of preferential trade with the UK. Much depends on how the UK leaves the EU, but the way forward may not be so easy as some may think.

Web: ucl.ac.uk/laws/events/2018/dec/implications-brexit-trade-relations-between-canada-united-kingdom-way-forward

Brexit Research

With the support of Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Professor Armand de Mestral and Dr Lorand Bartels, a Reader in International Law at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, have been conducting a study of the legal structure of the trading relationship between the UK and Canada after Brexit. Find out more.

Professor Emeritus Armand de Mestral
Image by Claudio Calligaris.
Professor Emeritus Armand de Mestral
Professor Armand de Mestral

Emeritus Professor Armand de Mestral [full bio] has held the Jean Monnet Chair in the Law of International Economic Integration at McGill University since 2002. He has been a panelist and arbitrator in disputes under WTO, CUFTA and NAFTA. He was made a CIGI Senior Fellow CIGI in 2014. Professor de Mestral was appointed Member of the Order of Canada December 28, 2007, and received the John E. Read medal from the CCIL in 2017. In February 2018, he was appointed to Canada's Chapter 19 (Trade Remedies) NAFTA Roster for a ten-year mandate.

Among his publications are Sustainable Development, International Aviation, and Treaty Implementation (CUP, 2018 - co-authored and edited with Paul Fitzgerald and Tanveer Ahmad); Second Thoughts: Investor-State Arbitration between Developed Democratic Countries (2017); Improving International Investment Agreements, (2012, with Céline Lévesque); and International Law, (7th edition, 2006).

The Jean Monnet Chairs

The Jean Monnet Chairs program was created by the European Commission to honour the work of Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet (9 November 1888 – 16 March 1979), a French political economist and diplomat. An influential supporter of European unity, he is considered as one of the founding fathers of the European Union. Jean Monnet has been called “The Father of Europe” by those who see his innovative and pioneering efforts in the 1950s as the key to establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, the predecessor of today’s European Union. Never elected to public office, Monnet worked behind the scenes of American and European governments as a well-connected pragmatic internationalist.

Jean Monnet Chairs are awarded by the European Commission to scholars in various disciplines in recognition of their interest in the European Union. A Chair was awarded to Armand de Mestral in 2002 in recognition of his commitment to teaching the law of the EU as well as the related disciplines of international trade law and comparative constitutional law. In 2001, Armand de Mestral participated in the founding of the McGill – Université de Montréal Institute of European Studies (now the Centre Jean Monnet de Montréal).

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