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McGill Law Academic Regulations, Resolutions and Policies

The Faculty of Law's PDF icon Handbook of Academic Regulations, Resolutions and Policies (2020-2021) describes a range of information relating to academic activities for our community. The Handbook covers the Faculty's academic regulations, from degree requirements to leaves of absence; our examination regulations; and policies regarding student assessment, exam language, review of final evaluations, classes on holy days, course auditing, and more. Students are asked to keep a copy throughout their studies. Updated versions are posted yearly.

General McGill policies

McGill student email policy

The Faculty of Law and McGill University will only respond to students’ McGill email address, firstname.lastname [at] mail.mcgill.ca.

If you do not regularly check your McGill email account, you are strongly urged to forward it to the provider you routinely use.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that time-critical email is accessed, read and acted upon in a timely fashion.

See also McGill Secretariat's Student Email Policy [.pdf].

Academic integrity

McGill values academic integrity, which is fundamental to achieving our mission of the advancement of learning. McGill has created the Academic Integrity website as a resource for faculty and students. It is intended to promote academic integrity at McGill by providing information about the meaning of integrity, about how to foster it, and about the consequences of breaching it.

Cheating and plagiarism by any student hurts all students, because anything that undermines the evaluation process undermines the integrity of our degrees. Therefore, it is important for instructors and students to take measures to promote academic integrity and to deal appropriately with instances of academic dishonesty.

Penalties for breaching academic integrity can only be imposed by disciplinary officers, not by individual teachers. For any question regarding academic integrity, please contact the Associate Dean (Academic) or Associate Dean (Graduate Studies).

Graduate and postdoctoral studies regulations and guidelines

There are several important sources for information regarding the policies and procedures governing LLM and DCL candidates, as well as postdoctoral researchers. Consult the GPSO website for its various policies.

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