Electronic submissions

e-Submissions of student papers, essays, and other writing projects

All term essays, writing & drafting projects and final papers must be submitted through the Student Affairs Office via saoassignments.law [at] mcgill.ca (email), which will maintain a record of the date and time of receipt. In all cases, except for anonymous submission (which will be specified by your Professor), students should also CC their Professor when submitting their assignment. Students are NOT to send download links from any cloud-based service; rather, students must include files/documents as email attachments only.

All assignments submitted are final - students will not be permitted to submit any additional work or an alternative version. Only the initial submission will be forwarded for grading.

Late submissions will be subject to late penalties.


All written assignments worth 25% or higher must be submitted electronically.

Document format

Please specify to your students whether you would like them to submit in Word or PDF format, if you have a preference. For those who like to read and enter comments on papers on the screen, Word format is better.

About extensions

Students should be advised that applications for extensions must be emailed to the sao.law [at] mcgill.ca (Student Affairs Office), rather than decided by the individual instructors. See our page on Extensions on exams and papers.

Submission through myCourses

For instructors using myCourses, the SAO will require access to the course to verify late submissions for assignments worth 25% or more. Please send a note to SAO.law [at] mcgill.ca if you plan to have assignments submitted via myCourses. Assistance with mycourses is provided by ICS.

To obtain training on myCourses, please send a request to the ICS Service Desk at 514-398-3398 (support.ist [at] mcgill.ca). Instructors may also request a one-on-one session with a trainer.


All in-course assignments must be submitted in an electronic format ONLY.

Assignments identified by student name may be submitted through course management software (myCourses) or emailed directly to the instructor.

Electronic submission of assignments allows:

  1. students to submit to the SAO and instructors in-course assignments online from anywhere;
  2. instructors to correct assignments and provide feedback on-line (through course management software) or on an electronic document;
  3. students to 'pick up' graded assignments online (through course management software) or by e-mail;
  4. for interaction, feedback and access to in-course grades from anywhere;
  5. the SAO to track submissions online and track lateness;
  6. the SAO to access in-course grades and assignments for Grade Reviews electronically where applicable.

Document submission options

Instructors will choose which form of document submission – via myCourses or via the SAO inbox – best suit their needs and will advise students accordingly. Any questions regarding the format chosen for a specific course should be directed to the instructor.

1. E-submission via myCourses

This option is generally used when students are submitting assignments by name only.

The instructor will create a drop box on myCourses where students will submit assignments by a specific deadline.

Document format: The instructor will indicate whether the assignment is to be submitted in Word or PDF format.

Lateness will be tracked by the SAO.

2. Email submission to the SAO Assignments address (e-submission)

Where instructors do not use myCourses, students will submit assignments as an email attachment (no download links from any cloud-based service) to saoassignments.law [at] mcgill.ca with a copy (cc) the instructor. The Course title and instructor name must be written in the subject line.

Students must use their McGill email address only.

Please note the following instructions for e-submission:

  • Save file as follows: “Title of Course_Instructor Name_Term_Student Name/Exam Code” (use the standard cover page for written work) *Only indicate Exam Code* if the submission is anonymous*
  • The subject line must state the course instructor’s name and course title.
  • Follow the instructor’s instructions regarding format (Word or PDF) and Student Identifier.
  • Copy the instructor on the email only if the submission is NOT anonymous.
  • Copy yourself (student) so you can check to see that the email was sent, along with the correct attachment.

Please note that if e-submissions of assignments must be anonymous, i.e. instructor request students to submit by the Exam Code, email submission MUST be used and the instructor is NOT copied. 

*The use of McGill ID numbers for submission purposes has been abolished.

Lateness will be tracked by the SAO.

3. Hard copy submissions to the instructor

All assignments must be submitted electronically, either through myCourses or by email. If in addition an instructor wishes to receive hard copies, they must ask students to submit the hard copies directly to them.

If, in addition to the e-submission, an instructor would like hard copies, the instructor must announce the necessary arrangements in class. Example, submission in class or to the instructor's office at a given date and time. Students may also submit hard copies to an "SAO drop box". To request a drop box, please sao.law [at] mcgill.ca (email the SAO) in advance of the deadline and provide the course title and deadline. Instructors receiving hard copies must ensure that the hard copy is the same as the electronic copy. One way to ensure this is not to accept hard copies past the submission deadline. 

Questions: sao.law [at] mcgill.ca (email us) (write "e-submissions" in the subject line.)

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