Late Penalties

All written work must be submitted on the assigned date, by 15:00 (unless the instructor specifies an earlier time). Course work received after 15:00, without an approved extension, will be subject to a grading penalty. All assignments submitted are final - students will not be permitted to submit any additional work or an alternative version. Only the initial submission will be forwarded for grading.

Students who feel they may be warranted an extension must complete the Extension Request Form immediately, and prior to the actual deadline.


In the absence of a medical certificate or analogous circumstances, any required evaluation submitted after its due date and time shall be assessed a penalty of one grading unit per day late - including weekend days. (Academic Regulation 27). This means that if you submit, for example, at 15:01 (given the deadline is 15:00), you may be subject to a grade penalty of one grading unit, as the day late begins immediately following the time of the deadline. 

Take-home examinations

Take-home examinations are subject to a different regime. Penalties are assessed on an hourly basis, depending on the overall length of the examination.

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