Students must submit their extension request directly to the Student Affairs Office prior to the submission deadline.

For all assessments (including in-term assignments, Term Essays, and Final Papers), complete the online extension request form.

Regulations on extensions for the submission of assignments

The Faculty policy on extensions is described in the Faculty Regulations (Reg. 27), according to which extensions are only granted on the basis of a medical certificate or analogous circumstances. Students are reminded that these regulations are strictly enforced out of fairness to all students. Students should take cognizance of these in planning their academic workload and other commitments, and make note of the dates and times of deadlines. If unsure of a deadline, please consult with the instructor.

The Student Affairs Office reserves the right to make final decisions regarding what accommodations are reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances.

The deadline for all written work to be submitted is 15:00 (unless the instructor specifies an earlier time). Course work received after 15:00, without an approved extension, will be subject to a grading penalty. All assignments submitted are final - students will not be permitted to submit any additional work or an alternative version. Only the initial submission will be forwarded for grading.

Requests for medical reasons

If there is a medical reason justifying an extension, students must obtain supporting medical documentation. Medical certificates must be written by an attending physician, confirming the consultation date(s), date(s) of illness, nature of illness, treatment, duration of illness and effects. The physician should confirm whether or not the illness and/or medication prescribed would have had a “significant impact” on the student’s performance.

Supporting medical documentation must be submitted no later than five (5) working days after the date of the original deadline. The supporting documentation must be dated as seen by a medical professional no later than two (2) working day after the deadline.

The note or letter must include the following information:

  • Date the healthcare provider saw the student;
  • Duration of illness or impairment;
  • Comments on the effect of the illness/impairment on the student’s ability to complete the assignment in question; and
  • Signature of healthcare provider.

Documentation in support of a extension request will be required and must be attached to the Extension Request form.

Once an extension has been granted, unless there is a new, extraneous circumstance that would not allow you to meet the extended deadline, we would not generally allow a further extension. Supporting documentation will be required. The Student Affairs Office reserves the right to make final decisions regarding what accommodations are reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances.

Reasons for which an extension request will normally be REFUSED:

  • Employment reasons
  • Travel/vacation/social plans
  • Medical problems which do not seriously interfere with immediate pre-exam preparation, or the student's ability to take the exam on the scheduled exam day
  • Airline flights and schedules
  • Inability to have an assignment typed by the due date
  • Other assignments due on or about the due date
  • Printer and/or computer issues (includes access to internet and/or computer crash)
  • Inability to submit an assignment on time due to travelling difficulties, includes parking or traffic issues.

N.B.1 The SAO will also take into consideration the applicant's prior history of making applications for extensions. Records of previous applications are retained by the SAO.

N.B.2 Students are responsible for backing up all their computer work, whether it be for an assignment, term essay, take-home exam, course summaries... Loss of data may not result in a deferral or an extension.

Instructors cannot grant extensions

At the Faculty of Law, permission to delay submission of required term work must be obtained from the Student Affairs Office. It cannot be granted by the instructor.

If, in the opinion of the Director, there is sufficient reason to permit a delay in the submission of required term work, an extension of the deadline after the end of the course may be granted to the student. In this case, the instructor will submit a grade of “K” (incomplete). If an extension of the deadline is granted, the Director will indicate the date by which the student must complete the work.

If the instructor submits a new grade within the new deadline, both the new grade and the grade of “K” will appear on the student's faculty reports and verification forms. However, on the student's official transcript the new grade will replace the “K”.

If the required work is not completed before the deadline, a grade of KF will be updated on the student's record. A “KF” denotes a failed course and is calculated in the TGPA and CGPA the same as an “F”.

In exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the Student Affairs Office, the deadline may be extended further, in which case the grade of “KE” (further extension granted) will appear. If the extended deadline is not met, a grade of “KF” will replace the “KE”.

Term and Senior essays

A supervised essay is due on the fifth working day prior to the last working day of the examination period of the term for which it is being written, unless another and earlier date has been fixed by the instructor by arrangement with the student in question and communicated to the Associate Dean (Academic).

Other final essays and papers

Final essays and papers in any other law course are due on the fifth working day prior to the last working day of the examination period of the term for which they are being written, unless another and earlier date (not earlier than the first day of the examination period) is fixed by the instructor and announced within one week from the commencement of lectures, and communicated to the Associate Dean (Academic).

In-term assignments

The foregoing provisions do not apply to other in-term evaluations in a course, these being due at the dates fixed by the instructor.

Late penalties

In the absence of a medical certificate or analogous circumstances, any required evaluation submitted after its due date and time shall be assessed a penalty of one grading unit per day late (including weekend days). (Academic Regulation 27)

Take-home examinations

Take home examinations are subject to a different regime. Penalties are assessed on an hourly basis, depending on the overall length of the examination.

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