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Review of Final Examinations - Winter 2023

On 25 May, 2023 at 13:00, this web form will be made available for you to indicate the exam(s) you wish to review. We will email your exam(s) as quickly as possible within at least one week of your submission, or once we have received them from the instructors. If you have not received your exam following a week of your request, and you see that we have received the exam, then please email the SAO.

Les étudiants et étudiantes auront deux semaines (25 mai au 8 juin, 2023) pour consulter leurs examens de la session d’hiver 2023.

We update this page regularly with the exams that the SAO has received. If a course isn't listed, it is likely we have not yet received the exams from the instructor. Please monitor this page throughout the exam viewing period.

Please note that the SAO will only be distributing anonymous assignments. If your final assignment is not from a course listed below and was submitted by student ID or student name then please reach out to your instructor for feedback. 

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Exams Received- 

Course Instructor Comments
CMPL 568: Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution Saumier  
LAWG 100: Contractual Obligations (s.001) Farahat  
LAWG 100: Contractual Obligations (s.002) Von Schutz  
LAWG 100: Obligations contractuelles (s.003) Boulanger-Bonnelly  
LAWG 101: Extra-Contractual Obligations (s.001) Ellis you will receive your ungraded response with a PDF of general feedback
LAWG 101: Extra-Contractual Obligations (s.002) Van Praagh  
LAWG 102: Criminal Justice (s.001) Israel  
LAWG 200: Commercial Law Edwards/Serry  
LAWG 316: Private International Law Saumier  
LAWG 415: Preuve civile Ferland  
LAWG 426: Criminal Evidence Hijazi  
LEEL 582: Law and Poverty Raso  
PROC 124: Judicial Institutions & Civil Procedure Redko  
PROC 200: Advanced Civil Law Obligations Farahat  
PUB2 101: Constitutional Law (s.001) Sheppard  
PUB2 101: Constitutional Law (s.002) Nichols  
PUB2 101: Droit constitutionnel (s.003) Poirier  
PUB2 105: Droit international public Crépeau  
PUB2 400: The Administrative Process Raso  
PUB3 116: Foundations (s.002) Provost  
PUB3 116: Fondements de droit (s.003) Crépeau  
PUB3 116: Foundations (s.004) Anker  


We welcome your comments: email us at sao.law [at] mcgill.ca (SAO).

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