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Review of Final Examinations - Fall 2023

The web form linked below is made available for you to indicate the exam(s) or final assignments you wish to review. We will email your assessments in a timely manner, though students can expect wait times of around five (5) business days after the submission of a request. Please understand that, in addition to the aforementioned wait time, delays in receiving your assessment(s) may vary – it will likely take longer for you to receive your assessment for requests made early on, due to the large volume of requests likely to be received.

Please do not send a follow-up email or additional request for the assessment(s) until after seven (7) business days following your initial request.

Les étudiants et étudiantes auront trois semaines (17 janvier au 7 février, 2024) pour consulter leurs examens de la session d’automne 2023.

Please note that the SAO updates the list below twice daily, so continue to monitor the website throughout the exam viewing period. If a course is not listed, it is likely we have not yet received the exams from the instructor. Continue to monitor this page throughout the exam viewing period.

Important note: Delays in receiving assessments requested during the Viewing period due to SAO response time will be accommodated for after the close of the period ending on February 7. You will, in turn, be granted additional time to request a grade review of your assessment.

Request to View Exams Forms

Exams Received (Updated: 2-Feb)

Course Section Title Instructor Comments
BUS1 532 003/010 Faillite Lachance & Lavery-Lepage  
BUS2 502 001/009 Intellectual and Industrial Property Gold  
BUS2 531 001/009 Banking Law Lemieux  
CMPL 522 003/010 Responsabilité medicale Khoury  
CMPL 543 001/009 Law and Practice of International Trade Bjorklund Please contact Prof. Bjorklund directly to view your assessment
CMPL 641 010 Theoretical Approaches to Law Provost  
LAWG 100D1 001 Contractual obligations Dedek No request needed
LAWG 100D1 002 Contractual obligations Boulanger-Bonnelly No request needed
LAWG 100D1 003 Obligations contractuelles Boulanger-Bonnelly No request needed
LAWG 101D1 002 Extracontractual Obligations/Torts von Schutz No request needed
LAWG 316 001 Private International Law Walsh  
LAWG 400 001 Secured Transactions Walsh  
LAWG 507 001/009 Critical Race Theory Riley Case Please contact Prof. Riley Case directly to view your assessment
LAWG 535 001/009 Public Health Law and Policy Khoury  
PROC 124 003 Droit judiciaire Saumier  
PROC 200 001 Advanced Civil Law Obligations Dedek  
PROC 549 001 Lease, Enterprise, Suretyship Cumyn  
PRV3 200 001 Advanced Common Law Obligations Gold  
PRV3 200 002 Advanced Common Law Obligations Bjorklund  
PUB2 101D1 001 Constitutional Law Nichols No request needed
PUB2 101D1 002 Constitutional Law Narain No request needed
PUB2 105 001 Public International Law Riley Case Please contact Prof. Riley Case directly to view your assessment
PUB2 105 003 Droit international public Crépeau  
PUB2 400 001 The Administrative Process Raso  
PUB2 551 001/009 Immigration & Refugee Law Crépeau  


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