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Published: 17 April 2023

McGill is a founding member of Calcul Québec, a consortium of Québec Universities whose objective is to provide Advanced Research Computing (ARC) infrastructure and expertise to the research community.

What services are offered?

McGill and Calcul Québec work closely together to offer the following services:

  • Provide you with powerful tools or solutions to make calculations that would take too long on your own computer.
  • Support and train researcher teams across Québec universities to help them perform their data analysis.
  • Provide a location to store large amounts of research data during the active research phase.
  • Give researchers access to teams of highly qualified support specialists to help with various tasks related to advanced computing, such as installing software packages, code optimization, and statistical analysis of data.

Who can use it?

All McGill researchers and their teams can leverage the computing power, storage, or cloud resources offered by the McGill/Calcul Québec team or by any of the supercomputing sites of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance).

How much does it cost?

The resources and services are free of charge. It provides an environment dedicated for research so you do not to need to run and maintain local infrastructure on campus or seek costly services elsewhere.

How to get access?

To access the services, open an account through Calcul Québec.

If you need help completing the application process or require technical assistance using the infrastructure, you may contact Calcul Québec’s user support team.

Training: How to get started?

Calcul Québec offers training for all user levels, from complete novice to advanced, throughout the year. They also host highly relevant events, workshops, and conferences.

Support and consultations

For additional support or information, you can request a consultation with McGill’s Digital Research Services Hub (DRS). DRS can provide you with guidance with their local expertise on advanced research computing system architecture and solution design expertise.

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