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Advanced Research Computing

McGill University is a member of Calcul Québec and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, which is a network of national data centers hosting supercomputers. Our advanced research computing specialists are committed to serving the needs of the research community through support and collaboration. 

Available services and support


Access to Research Infrastructure

Calcul Québec and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada

All Canadian academic researchers and their teams can obtain access to computing, storage or Cloud resources from Calcul Québec and the Digital Alliance, free of charge. To obtain access, simply open an account following the procedures described on Calcul Québec website.  The account quotas and mechanisms to request additional resources are described on the Digital Alliance website. If you have any problems or questions about access to cyberinfrastructure resources, do not hesitate to drs [at] (contact us)


Support and Consultations

Calcul Québec and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada User Support

Users of national infrastructure can rely on Calcul Québec’s user support team for technical assistance. Their support helpdesk will see that you get an answer for any national cyberinfrastructure question, from account creation and resource access to software installation, assistance in code optimization, and detailed advice on how to solve technical issues. If you are unsure about obtaining support or require a consultation, you can also contact us directly. We also have local experts who can consult on advanced research computing system architecture and solution design. 

Grant Development

Our team is available to advise on the preparation of grant applications requiring the acquisition of advanced research computing resources to be hosted on campus or at the McGill/Calcul Québec site.

Technical Consultation

Our experts can provide advice and guidance on hosting, installation and operation options for advanced research computing resources.


drs [at] (subject: ARC%20Consultation) (Book a consultation )


There are many learning resources and ongoing training opportunities on topics related to Advanced Research Computing and High Performance Computing. Please consult our DRS Training section for a complete list of training resources.


If you have any questions related to advanced research computing

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