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Welcome on the site of the McGill-Concordia Laboratory of the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS)


Please note that the QICSS Laboratory has been reopened, with limited capacity.
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Peterson Hall Building

The QICSS Laboratory is a secure facility on campus for students and faculty members who want to conduct cutting-edge social statistics research. The secure laboratory offers access to a large number of Statistics Canada’s population, social, and health surveys, as well as the Census and administrative databases.

It is located in Peterson Hall, Room 306


Academic Director

Professor Sébastien Breau

➤Burnside Hall, Rm 417

sebastien.breau [at]


Statistics Canada's Analyst

Danielle Forest

➤Peterson Hall, Rm 306

danielle.forest [at]



Geneviève Brunet-Gauthier

➤Peterson Hall, Rm 312

genevieve.brunet-gauthier [at]



Important news

As of Feb. 19, 2021, a fifth workstation is now available!

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