Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS) Laboratory

Welcome to the McGill-Concordia Laboratory of the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS)

The McGill-Concordia QICSS Laboratory is a secure facility situated on the campus (in 680 Sherbrooke St. West), designed to facilitate advanced research in social statistics for both students and faculty. This secure environment grants provides researchers access  entry to an extensive array of Statistics Canada's surveys encompassing population, social, and health aspects, along with access to databases like the Census and administrative records. 

The objectives of the McGill-Concordia QICSS Laboratory are is to (i) uphold support the local  research community by enabling researchers to investigate some of the most intricate challenges of our era, (ii) provide cutting-edge training opportunities for students interested in quantitative social and health sciences and (iii) fostering progress.

The McGill-Concordia QICSS Laboratory is part of a network of five QICSS Labs in Quebec and one of 33 Labs that make-up the Canadian Research Data Centre Network across the country. It is supported by SSHRC, CIHR, CFI and the FRQ. 


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680 Sherbrooke West

Find the laboratory at 680 Sherbrooke West, 6th Floor, Room 630.



Academic Director

Professor Sébastien Breau

➤Burnside Hall, Rm 417

sebastien.breau [at]


Statistics Canada's Analyst

Danielle Forest

➤680 Sherbrooke W., Rm 630

danielle.forest [at]



Geneviève Brunet-Gauthier 

➤Peterson Hall, Rm 312

genevieve.brunet-gauthier [at]


Aimy Croner (Interim Coordinator)

➤Peterson Hall, Rm 328

aimy.croner [at]

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