Scholarship Opportunities 

Looking for scholarship opportunities while working with data offered by the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics?

QICSS Scholarships

The QICSS embarked on numerous missions right from its inception, with a special emphasis on fostering the growth of the next generation of researchers. In line with this vision, the QICSS Scholarship Program was established with the primary goal of providing financial assistance to Master's and Ph.D. students who engage with datasets sourced from either Statistics Canada or the Institut de la statistique du Québec while conducting research within the QICSS's laboratory settings.

This program encompasses three distinct scholarship categories:

1. Entrance Scholarships: These scholarships offer support for research endeavours conducted within the QICSS aimed at attaining a Master's or Ph.D. degree.

2. Complementary Grants for Intensive Data Analysis: Awarded to those individuals who dedicate a semester to concentrated data analysis while progressing toward their Master's thesis.

3. Grants for Student Research Outcomes: Designed to incentivize students to share their findings through presentations at conferences or symposia, as well as by contributing articles to scientific journals.

For details regarding QICSS Scholarships, please click here.


CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant

The Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) persists in its efforts to support upcoming generations of highly qualified personnel (HQP) through the CRDCN Emerging Scholars Grant. This grant, totalling $1,200, is extended to Ph.D. students who are engrossed in research related to their thesis within any of the 33 Research Data Centres (RDCs) situated at universities across the nation.

The primary intention behind this grant is to provide backing for the enhancement of budding scholars' aptitudes and mastery in data analysis and research. Furthermore, the aim is to fortify the pathways for forthcoming generations of highly qualified personnel (HQP), fostering their professional journeys. CRDCN's commitment to training has been steadfast for over two decades, and our objective is to establish a stronger sense of camaraderie and community among emerging scholars spanning diverse fields of expertise. This, in turn, will cultivate enduring engagement with the RDCs and the broader CRDCN research community throughout their careers.

Recipients of this grant will be acknowledged as CRDCN Emerging Scholars and will be actively encouraged to showcase their research outcomes at events endorsed by CRDCN whenever such opportunities are practical and fitting.

For details regarding the Emerging Scholars Grant, please click here.


CRDCN National Policy Challenge

This event stands as a platform that emphasizes a specific challenge faced by emerging researchers: employing microdata to delve into the intricacies of a chosen policy quandary, subsequently showcasing their findings to both their peers and a panel of esteemed researchers and policy shapers.

The underlying challenge revolves around empowering these budding scholars to harness microdata for a deeper exploration of policy issues. This endeavour underlines the CRDCN's commitment to nurturing the growth of research capabilities. The subjects explored by our finalists traverse a spectrum of policy realms, spanning from immigration to healthcare, capturing the diversity of policy dilemmas under scrutiny.

Within this context, the victor of this year's challenge, Angèle Lucie Poirier, seized the opportunity to delve into the motivating forces driving recreational cannabis consumption in Canada, offering valuable insights into this noteworthy societal issue. 

Discover the heart of the challenge through the array of presentations featured on the CRDCN YouTube channel from the June 2022 National Policy Challenge.

For details regarding the National Policy Challenge, please click here


QPHRN Student Awards Competition

These awards have the purpose of recognizing students' valuable contributions to the realm of population health research. The accolade is set to be granted to Master's and Ph.D. students who are currently enrolled in a Quebec-based university and have garnered recognition due to the exceptional calibre of their research endeavours.

For details regarding the QPHRN Student Awards Competition, please click here

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