The Quebec Inter-university Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS) provides all Quebec researchers with access to Statistics Canada microdata, as well as the space, equipment and professional and technical resources required to exploit these data. QICSS also provides support for the next generation of researchers, through training and scholarship programs, and organizes numerous events to promote the visibility and impact of the results of research projects carried out in its secure labs.  

The QICSS has three main goals:

  • support and develop cutting-edge research in the field of social statistics;
  • expand the pool of social statistics researchers and train the next generation;
  • and, make research findings and their implications known to a wider audience.

At the national level, the QICSS is also part of a larger network, the Canadian Research Data Center Network (CRDCN). 

About the CADRISQ

Next to the QICSS labs, CADRISQ provides access to microdata from the Institut de la statistique du Québec as well as various administrative datasets from provincial government departments. 

Both the CADRISQ (Room 624) and the QICSS (Room 630) are next to each other. In addition, room 625 is a shared lounge area for the researchers to have a space to work in.

About our lab users:

Our user base is diverse, with roughly one-third coming from the fields of sociology and economics, another third from the realm of health, and the remaining portion representing various disciplines including geography, social work, education, business, and urban planning.

More than half of our lab users are graduate students and early career scholars.


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