Departmental Advising

Your departmental advisor is the key to successfully navigating your chosen program of study! 

Who is my assigned departmental advisor?

Check the top left corner of your unofficial transcript via the 'Student' menu in Minerva to see your advisor's name. 

Then, contacting your advisor depends on which Program you are registered in.

Department of Integrated Studies (DISE)


B.Ed. K/Elementary
B.Ed. Music
B.Ed. Secondary, English
B.Ed. Secondary, Social Sciences
B.Ed. Secondary, Mathematics
B.Ed. Secondary, Science & Technology

Tel: 514-398-4527


  1. Grace Wong-McAllister
  2. Tina Schiavone
  3. Susie Vodopivec [at] (Email)

Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE)


B.Ed. Physical & Health Education
B.Sc. Kinesiology

Tel.: 514-398-4184 x0302


Nada Abu-Merhy 

studentaffairs.kpe [at] (Email)


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