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Recognized as one of Canada’s Top Employers, Canada's Greenest Employers, and Montreal’s Top Employers for several years in a row, McGill University offers a progressive and supportive working environment that fosters individual development and work-life balance as well as sustainability and health initiatives. McGill is committed to upholding fair hiring and workplace practices, embracing and championing equity, diversity, and inclusion across the University.

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McGill’s Faculty of Education is a community of lifelong learners who are driven by a passion for their work while fostering a friendly and professional atmosphere. McGill Faculty of Education encompasses a diverse and exceptionally skilled team of more than 100 academic staff and 70 admin/support staff in addition to numerous part-time employees such as course lecturers, field experience supervisors, research assistants, and teaching assistants, among others.


Career Opportunities

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Potential candidates may view all job postings and submit applications through McGill’s Workday software, using the buttons below. McGill Faculty Education jobs are typically located at the downtown campus (Education Building, Duggan House, Currie Gymnasium), although not exclusively. Should you have any difficulties applying through Workday, instruction guides are available for internal candidates as well as for external candidates or former employees.


Career information for McGill Education recent alumni, undergraduate and graduate students:


 Onboarding for New Employees

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New to the Faculty of Education?

Welcome! Please have a look at the HR links below as well as the Facilities, Equipment, and Online Tools pages and the Employee Portal for additional resources.

Newly hired tenure-track and CAS professors, Faculty Lecturers, and new admin/support office staff (Dean's Office, DISE, ECP, ISA, KPE, and OFNIE only) should take a moment to submit your online profile for the Academic Directory or Admin/Support Staff Listings.


For the lists of Course Lecturer Priority Points, please see the downloadable lists below, by department, as per the McGill Course Lecturers and Instructors Union (MCLIU) collective agreement.

If you are new to McGill University, please consult these general onboarding resources from Central HR and IT:


General McGill HR Resources

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Faculty of Education HR Forms

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Need to hire?

Are you a current Faculty of Education supervisor or Principal Investigator who needs to hire a new employee? Your first step is to submit a Request to Hire Form:

Professional Development Program for Non-Academic Personnel:

The Faculty of Education has created a Professional Development Program with the aim to support the ongoing learning and development of our Management, Professional, and Clerical Staff, in addition to the courses provided by the University through central Human Resources. Please note the program is a pilot project with an indeterminate end date.


All full-time, part-time regular Management, Professional, Administrative and Support Staff are eligible to participate in the professional development program. After one year of service, staff will be eligible to apply for this program. Temporary employees are not eligible to apply.

Eligible Expenses ($1,500 maximum)

  • Registration fees for courses, conferences, and seminars
  • Transportation to courses, conferences, and seminars
  • Hotel accommodations, parking, and meals associated with professional development activities


Application Process:

  • Complete the online professional development request form
  • Obtain approval from your immediate supervisor and Chair/Director of your department/unit
  • Submit your application to hr.education [at] mcgill.ca

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is two months before the professional development activity will take place.

Assessment of Applications:

The Faculty’s Human Resources Office and the Dean’s Office will assess the applications.

Reimbursements & Cancellations

You may submit a Cash Advance request to the Faculty’s Finance Office once your application has been approved. Upon your return, please submit an expense report with all the required documentation/receipts to reconcile the advance. If you have paid for the expenses out-of-pocket, please submit an expense report with all the required documentation/receipts to the Faculty’s Finance Office. Expenses that exceed the amount of $1,500 shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

If a cancellation is necessary, please contact the hr.education [at] mcgill.ca (Faculty’s Human Resources Office) as soon as possible. Cancellations will be considered only for exceptional circumstances.

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