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Teacher Education Programs

Teachers with Young Students, Music Students, and Sports Students

Teacher Education & Certification Programs

Bachelor of Education programs are geared towards students who want to develop their teaching skills and pursue careers in academic settings, employee training, coaching, and other mentorship-style environments. The Faculty offers B.Ed. offers options for specialization in kindergarten and elementary, high school, second language, cultural, music, and physical education. B.Ed. students benefit by being able to complete their studies through a combination of coursework and field experience placements under the guidance of a mentoring teacher.

The Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) is a professional program geared towards students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree in a teachable subject and are looking to pursue a teaching career. Students engage in a broad range of theoretical, experiential, and practical coursework designed to develop skills, abilities, and attributes required by the complexities of teaching and learning in today’s rapidly changing world. The internship component is comprised of two school-based internships in secondary schools. Additionally, during the MATL program, each student will complete a self-directed Capstone Research Project and a professional e-portfolio.

Professional Development through graduate certificates enable in-service teachers to gain additional qualifications to expand their teaching careers.


Bachelor of Education Programs

In-Community First Nations and Inuit Education

Programs are offered through the Office of First Nations and Inuit Education (OFNIE) in select Indigenous communities in the province of Quebec. 

Programs Leading to Teacher Certification: 
Teacher Education Professional Development:

(Please note that these programs do not lead to Quebec teacher certification but are geared towards personal and professional development.)

Professional Development Offering Additional Qualifications in Scholastic Settings

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