Certificates and Diplomas

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About our Certificate Programs

Certificates and diplomas may allow students the ability to explore professional development, enhance their current level of education, or update their qualifications in certain career sectors. Many students find these programs offer some flexibility in pursuing higher education while striving for work-life balance.

Educational Leadership

Leadership in schools and elsewhere is increasingly acknowledged for the extremely important role it plays in how successfully educational workplaces function. The professional development of leaders in education and education governance, including educational reform, understanding diversity, and implementing equitable practices form the basis of the Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (GCEL) program. Three Graduate Certificates are offered, designed for those who wish to further their professional development in leadership.

Educational Psychology

Programs to enahnce educators' and community workers' skills in addressing the needs of diverse learners in the contemporary classroom among other educational and recreation environments.

Second Language Teaching

Second language teaching program for in-service teachers or those who already have a teaching license in order to get qualified to teach French Immersion in primary and secondary schools. (This program is currently not open to new students.)


In-Community First Nations and Inuit Education

All in-community certificate programs can be found on the In-Community Indigenous Education page of this site and are managed by the Office of First Nations and Inuit Education (OFNIE).


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