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Bachelor's Programs & Education Minors

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About our Bachelor's Programs

McGill Education's undergraduate programs lead to either a Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). All Faculty of Education undergraduate programs offer an internship component, (mandatory for B.A. Education and B.Ed. but optional for B.Sc.), enabling students to take learned theory and put it into practice.

Explore our Education undergraduate programs here or by using McGill Admissions' Program Finder.


Bachelor of Arts

The B.A.(Education); Major in Education in Global Contexts explores the roles of educators in workplaces outside of the traditional classroom setting. It is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on understanding the role of education in addressing contemporary and emergent global challenges. 


Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education programs are geared towards students who want to develop their teaching skills and pursue careers in school settings and other mentorship-style environments with specializations in kindergarten and elementary, high school, second language, cultural, music, and physical education.

B.Ed. Programs


Bachelor of Science

The B.Sc. Kinesiology program provides the theoretical framework of basic exercise sciences and kinesiology while offering the opportunity for a diverse range of application areas.


Minors in Education

An Education Minor is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to follow their passions and interests in their chosen field of study while developing further knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching and learning or in kinesiology. 


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