Emergency Notification Systems

On Your Cell Phone

cell phoneReceive SMS Text Messages

Attention! We need your number. In order to receive messages to your mobile device, you must subscribe on Minerva. See below for more details.

New Subscriptions

Log into Minerva, go to the Personal Menu > Mobile Device form, enter your mobile phone number and opt-in.

  • Receive alerts that may affect your health or safety
  • Rapid delivery of voice and text messages
  • Voice messages to staff, classroom and mobile phones
  • Text messages to mobile phones

We anticipate up to two campus-wide tests per calendar year. Otherwise, we cannot predict how many actual events will warrant the use of the service.

More information on McGill's Emergency Notification System can be found in the IT Knowledge Base.

Opt In Instructions

To opt in your mobile device(s) to receive emergency alerts log in to Minerva and select the Personal Menu > Mobile Devices option.

McGill University does not charge for this service but, depending on your mobile device plan, you may be charged a fee for airtime or delivery of message.

alt=nulOn Your Computer

Receive an Alert Notification on Your Computer*

AlertUs software must be installed on your computer in order to receive full-screen alert notification messages on desktops and laptops.

What is AlertUs?

In the event of an emergency or urgent situation, Alertus will send a pop-up announcement directly to your computer. Once you’ve seen it, you can acknowledge you've received this alert and close the window. After which, you can continue using your computer normally.

Install AlertUs

To download and install Alertus software, visit the McGill IT Knowledge Base Note that McGill computers may have this software installed. To verify if you have the software, go to your Start menu and search your computer for the "AlertUs Desktop".

alt=nulMcGill App Notifications

Download the McGill University App on the App Store/ Google Play Store and sign in with your McGill username.

NOTE : In order to receive emergency alerts from the McGill App, you must allow "push notifications" on the OS (Operating System) of your phone. All other message notifications can be managed via the app-level settings.

More about the McGill app

The McGill App is the official campus app for current, new, and prospective McGill University students. Access McGill University events, calendars, contacts, maps and more. Stay organized with your classes and assignments through the timetable. The McGill App brings McGill services to your fingertip and enables you to connect with your classmates and friends.


Emergency Notification Systems have been put in place to communicate health & safety alerts to the McGill community. In an incident, the Emergency Notification Systems may or may not be used, in whole or in part, depending on the situation. McGill University cannot guarantee that you will receive the health and safety alert. The community is encouraged to check all possible sources of information during an incident.

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