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Accompanying Family Members

Your spouse or common-law partner, and/or dependent child(ren) can apply to accompany you to Canada during your studies. 

Your family members may be eligible to hold visitor status, a study permit or a work permit for the duration of your studies in Canada. 

Before applying make sure to check with your Visa Office as additional documents may be required when applying for temporary resident documents.

View the Bringing Families Webinar

Proving Financial Capacity for Family

When applying for your CAQ and Study Permit for yourself and your family members, you must demonstrate that you have the financial means to support yourself and your family members for the duration of everyone’s stay in Canada.

Immigration Quebec and/or Immigration Canada must be satisfied that:

  • You have the financial resources to pay for your studies and support yourself and your family member(s) during everyone’s stay in Canada. Visit the Student Accounts website for McGill’s Fee Calculator and the Quebec Government page for the estimated living expenses required for you and your family member(s).
  • Your family member(s) have sufficient ties to their country of origin and will leave Canada at the end of their authorized stay. Visit the Government of Canada website for things a Visa Officer may consider when evaluating an applicant’s ties to the country of citizenship or residence.


Resources for students with families can be found on the McGill Family Care webpage.

Spouse or Common Law Partner

Spouse or Common Law Partner

  • Applying as a visitor
  • Applying as a student
  • Applying as a worker

Dependent Children

Accompanying Child(ren)

  • Applying as a visitor
  • Applying as a Student
  • CAQ/Study permit exemption

In addition to the information above, please also review ISS' FAQs page.

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